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Jimbo Art – I Eat Cake In My Pants

24 Nov

I have seen some of these pieces before so it’s not a new discovery, however I had no idea they were from Jimbo Art which produces a range of homewares featuring his original illustrations. Frankly I could buy the whole shop. What is there not to love about a ghetto badger?

Eating Deborah Harry & a cake vajazzle

30 Sep

This Kreemart edible installation at the MoCA is f*cking incredible. As a direct result of seeing this I have also decided that I need more half naked men in my cake projects 😉 From what I can gather the cake was made by Rosebud Cakes – some of their creations are very ‘vision quest’ in design. An interesting note from my point of view is that I love how they cheated with the head and used a purposefully crap looking dummy rather than make one. It’s always the head that makes ‘human’ cakes look a bit shit & fake so this is an inspired solution. It’s almost as good at the Chocolate Grace Jones.

All of Kreemart’s stuff is incredible and when I grow up I want to be just like them. Look at the below, it’s on a totally different level.

PS: Deborah Harry is so awesome it’s ridiculous >> I actually want this exact outfit!

Beaten & Creamed – cake shop quiz

10 May

The wonderful Andrew Williams (previously at Britsh Baker Magazine) and I are launching a spanking new baking PUBLICATION (not a blog) and want to get it started with a massive dose of brilliance (even if we say so ourselves).

Miss Cakehead and Cakey Muto present Beaten & Creamed: The Cake Shop Quiz

Put your regular pub quiz and its sandsack of prizes on hold for one week, because East London’s Cakey Muto will play host to a unique Cake Shop Quiz at 8pm, Thursday, 7 June 2012. Organised by Miss Cakehead on behalf of Beaten & Creamed – the spanking new baking publication that is coming soon – the event will dish up a selection of delicious treats as well as test your tastebuds and knowledge of baking.

The Golden Afternoon Tea Company will be channeling inspiration for each table from the frankly amazing after party table Miss Cakehead & Nevie Pie produced for The Kerrang! Awards so of course they’ll also be more than your standard beer mat on the table.

Exciting prizes will be on offer and all entrants will be treated to a fabulous Cakey Muto cupcake.

Entry is £2, with maximum teams of four, allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Venue: Cakey Muto, 25 Chatsworth Road, London E5 0LH
For further information contact: beatenandcreamed@gmail.com

Piñata Sugar Cookies

27 Apr

These are ruddy amazing and you can find out how to make them here (like having the instructions would help me ever make them).

Racist Cakes – A Slice of Moral Outrage

21 Apr

This fiasco around this cake last week made me so cross and not for the reasons you expect. It was the moral panic that followed news of the cake, combined with millions of people jumping on the bandwagon, that made steam come from my ears. It would appear that 90% of the population, and all of the media (except the Guardian who made some excellent comments), find the practise it is campaigning against more acceptable than the cake. Morons. What a wasted opportunity… the video has clocked up over 2 million views in less than a week.

That said there has been some interesting interest discussion around this cake such as over at Jeremy Riad’s blog where I was asked to comment – the whole article well worth a read.

My Own Private Cake Apocalypse

4 Apr

It’s a given I adore the work of Scott Hove and Cakeland (just wished he had done it ‘properly’ and made it edible). Anyway the brilliant Scott now has some more pieces out as part of his “My Own Private Apocalypse” show and I felt it was my duty to share. Thanks to @missretroglam for pointing me in the direction of this post.

Cake & Bake Show – Edible Beach Concept Images

25 Mar

Full set of concept images for the Edible Beach installation at the Cake & Bake Show – as ALWAYS we used photographer Nathan Pask.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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23 Mar

Next week is a BIG week as we are all set to release a set of concept images for the Edible Beach installation at the Cake & Bake Show. As ALWAYS we used Nathan Pask and wouldn’t have it any other way. Here is a sneak peek of myself below – yep the oyster (& ball gag pearl) is 100% edible, and a creation of Fancy Nancy Cakes. Incredible isn’t it?! Wait until you see all the images next week including Juliet herself with a cookie in her hair…

Bear in mind these are just the concept images – taken both with potential sponsors in mind, and to announce the project (properly) to the press.  The final execution of the beach to be decided when we have them on board… This is going to be so much fun I can NOT wait.

PS: if we can all pretend I look that good without a make up artist and stylist that would be perfect – in my dreams!!!

Leprechaun Marshmallow Pops

28 Feb

I can be super fussy and normally don’t like cakes or cookies that look homemade and are not ‘perfect’; one of the reasons I am a massive fan of Molly Bakes & Nevie Pie Cakes. All of that said and done these Leprechaun Marshmallow Pops make the grade for being super cute. Find out how to make them over at Pam’s Party Planning (warning the photography is a bit rubbish / out of focus compared to other food blogger sites).



So whilst I am here it would be rude not to do a quick top ten rundown of St Patrick’s day edibles (click image for link):

Lime & jelly cubes - so clever

Donut klaxon!!!

Cake Opera Co

21 Feb


OK so the Cake Opera Co show how you do a cake website – absolutely love everything about this company from cakes to their personal style…










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