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Fat & Furious

7 Jun

I love the fact that I am not the only person who gets lunchtime rage at sub-standard food, and I love it even more when others get so bored of crap lunches they start something as epic as Fat & Furious Burger. Of all their works of burger art this all white burger has to be my absolute favourite, not that it was easy to choose…


Fat & Furious is a self-initiated project born from the collision of two strong appetites. Thomas & Quentin (who founded the Graphic Design & Art Direction studio Furious) were so bored about random sandwich at lunchtime they decided to cook some crazy burgers in their little kitchen.  It soon became a ritual:  improvising and experimenting each week new ways  of cooking and representing a burger in very short lunch break. It takes about an hour and a half to find an idea, run to a supermarket to get everything, 
cook, take a shoot and eat. From week to week, they tried to re-invent some edible burgers,  despite their over the top made to be photographed nature. From tomato to tabbasco, from pepper to gold powder, from eggs to eggplants,  everything is good between two buns.

The end result go their project – and an amazing blog – is some amazing images and a book – now a life goal is to make my hangry moods as productive as Thomas & Quentin’s lunchtime boredom « Fat & Furious Burger » 


Fat & Furious

27 Nov

The Fat & Furious Burger Tumblr may not be in English but who needs it when the burgers look this ruddy amazing. Absolute genius.

Burger Sweatshirt

1 Oct

Mr Gugu & Miss Go sell a range of incredible printed sweatshirts. A spin off shop from their massively random Sexy Sweaters blog that combines sweatshirts, great imagery & photoshop to make addictive browsing. 45 Euro these novelty sweatshirts are so random, and utterly brilliant, I have ordered the burger one to replace December’s traditional Christmas jumper. I secretly want the weed one as well despite the fact it is veering perilously close to bad taste and has ‘please stop and search me’ written all over it.









Wimpy Braille Burger

13 Jan

(via Notcot)

Star Wars Burgers

6 Jan

Belgian fast food chain Quick is offering Phantom Menace-themed burgers for a limited time in anticipation of the imminent re-release of Star Wars: Episode I in 3D movie theaters. Having a cat called Darth no guessing which on is my favourite!

The promotional burgers, which will be available until the beginning of March, come in three varieties: Jedi, Dark and Dark Vador. The first two look more of less like normal double burgers. The Dark burger, which is associated with Darth Maul, seems to have something like everything bagel seasonings on its bun. And the Jedi burger has some kind of mysterious white topping between the beef patty and the bun.

(via Huffington Post)

Attack of the killer burger

2 Jun

Burger Macaroon

9 Dec

Amazing burger macaroon over at Eat Me Daily:

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