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Love Will Find You

24 Jun

UPDATE2: Love Will Find You now available on UK iTunes at last 🙂

UPDATE: OK clearly he was fucking AWESOME and totally rocked it! :-))))) Never knew Letterman would be that tall (I have had no way of judging it before)…

Just to remind you all:

Brooklyn by way of Yorkshire’s Findlay Brown will be performing on The Late Show with David Letterman, Tuesday, January 12th (TONIGHT)! This is in celebration of his highly anticipated album, Love Will Find You released on Verve.

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Behind the scenes Brown

12 May

This is a really fascinating photographic series of Gordon Brown’s last moments in Number 10 published by The Guardian, and taken by their photographer Martin Argles who had exclusive access:




Loosing the will to survive

24 Jan

LOVE this 🙂

Come home – Findlay Brown

20 Jan

This song makes me cry but in a good way (sort of) – too complicated to explain!

Findlay Brown

9 Jan


You may remember Findlay Brown from the best photographic cupcakes ever – and I am really excited (genuinely not just saying that) about the film below which was shot mainly on location in New York.

Oh and as an aside his single – Love Will Find You – is even being played in Starbucks at the moment which is HUGE AWESOME news.  See the video for this single below:

Findlay’s work is a near perfect blend of his many musical influences including Roy Orbinson, Phil Spector, Ennio Morricone, The Beatles and Early sixties pop…

You can also see an older post on Findlay here

Photographic cupcakes

4 Dec

Quite frankly these cupcakes are one of the best things I have ever bought, and most certainly eaten. I took one picture of Findlay Brown, sent to Cake Toppers, and one day later these bites of awesomeness turned up!

Downing Street in Lego

27 Sep


Lego life: 1. The Press pack; 2. real children looking on; 3. reinforced security gates; 4. the PM’s aides; 5. a police guard; 6. Gordon Brown; 7. plain-clothes protection officers; 8. the door of No10; 9. a real building at Legoland


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