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2 Oct

Truly one of the most amazing cupcakes I have ever seen and on sale at EYHO!

Eat Your Heart Out

As we’ve said all along this year’s Eat Your Heart Out is not about ‘gore’ it’s about using extreme cakes to communicate messages based around Pathology – hence our location in the St Bart’s Pathology Museum and Carla Valentine co-curating the shop with me. Miss Insomnia Tulip has nailed it with this ‘Common Breast Pathologies’ cupcake, I genuinely feel this has taught me something. Lots of gold stars for her!!!

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Tonguing your pets

1 Sep

I first saw the work of New York based Saiman Chow when one of his images was used on a You Tube clip of Aerial Pink’s Haunted Graffiti (one of my favorite tunes – see bottom). It is meant to echo the relationship that unites the pet to its master. Having spent the last two nights dealing with cats who refused to leave the bedroom I can’t relate to that right now. After about three hours of hysterical wailing from Fish last night (a Siamese whose miaow can strip paint) I gave in and let him in.  After throwing up on the bed he then went straight to sleep looking smug.

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