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Dragon Bread

10 Nov

May cause you to burb with sparks and flames – find out how to make your own here.


Strange & offbeat

17 Nov

Strange & offbeat, I am all over the work of New York photographer Ted Sabarese like a rash. He plays with materials to create costumes and other costumes of the most unusual on the themes of food, office or high sewing.

Bring it on these are fucking awesome (source):

Bread Casts

22 Oct

Artist Sharon Baker has created these anatomically correct bread body parts with brilliantly messed up results, from a series called ‘Bread Casts’…

Then there was also “Eat Me” for the Thames Festival in 2006 – an art performance with bread

A performance for which I have cast my body in bread and invite the audience to eat it with me. The body is cut, or sometimes bitten off and shared amongst the audience. Eating it initiates a natural cycle – their bodies transform mine and symbolically reunite me with the environment. The Thames Festival audience responded with unbounded enthusiasm making it a combination of a 60’s happening, a public execution and a feeding frenzy.




Bread shoes

17 Nov

Oh I have been a bit slow with the uptake on this one but this range of bread shoes are mighty fine!






Literal ‘Rick Rolling’

9 Oct


Read more here to find out more about the technology that will place any image on a bun or slice of bread.

Panda bread

5 Aug


Surely there is nothing better in life than having a lovely dinner party with good friends and serving up this AWESOME panda bread. I don’t speak Japanese so the picture is all you are getting from me, but the link is here if you want to follow the picture instructions.

Below are some more realistic panda bread images (nobody likes a show off) including some epic fails…









Conceptual Macabre – Anatomically Correct Breaded Skulls

15 Apr


Brooklyn-based artist Jeph Gurecka uses food and organic matter in fascinating ways to make his conceptual pieces, taxidermying chicken parts and arranging them into a muscular, human torsoe, or making a huge pile of skulls made out of bread, or reproducing photos using salt, soil, and ash.

I LOVE his anatomically correct bread Skulls – fresh baked for gallery openings and left to decay during exhibitions. Awesome!








Jeph’s website

Check out this fuked up Thai bakery whilst we are on the subject of anatomically correct bread…

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