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A Bouquet of Fuck-Me-Nots (SFW)

17 Apr

A Bouquet of Fuck–me–nots – best music design award ever. For The Manifest (Swedish Independent Music Awards) prize, designed by Max Magnus Norman who comments on his blog:

The prize symbolizes the kick ass- and fuck off mentality which is necessary in order to succeed as an independent artist. An intimation that one has to override rules and borders in order to create new paths.



manifeststatyetten-2 manifeststatyetter


Bacon bouquets

24 Mar

Boys show the girl you love some meat! I am almost a vegetarian (can’t bring myself to say I am a vegetarian who eats fish) but even so these bacon bouquets appeal to me. That said some people really appear to have shit all to do with their time surely. Thanks to Hayley for the Google buzz!

Learn how to make your own here!!!!

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