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Fat & Furious

7 Jun

I love the fact that I am not the only person who gets lunchtime rage at sub-standard food, and I love it even more when others get so bored of crap lunches they start something as epic as Fat & Furious Burger. Of all their works of burger art this all white burger has to be my absolute favourite, not that it was easy to choose…


Fat & Furious is a self-initiated project born from the collision of two strong appetites. Thomas & Quentin (who founded the Graphic Design & Art Direction studio Furious) were so bored about random sandwich at lunchtime they decided to cook some crazy burgers in their little kitchen.  It soon became a ritual:  improvising and experimenting each week new ways  of cooking and representing a burger in very short lunch break. It takes about an hour and a half to find an idea, run to a supermarket to get everything, 
cook, take a shoot and eat. From week to week, they tried to re-invent some edible burgers,  despite their over the top made to be photographed nature. From tomato to tabbasco, from pepper to gold powder, from eggs to eggplants,  everything is good between two buns.

The end result go their project – and an amazing blog – is some amazing images and a book – now a life goal is to make my hangry moods as productive as Thomas & Quentin’s lunchtime boredom « Fat & Furious Burger » 


Plane Crash Photography

27 Apr

Check out these stunning plane crash pictures from German photographer Dietmar Eckell. The concept for his ‘Happy Endings’ project was to visit plane crash sites – where all passengers survived – and photograph the planes that  years on still remain. Eckell is crowd funding via Indiegogo to raise money to self-publish a photo-book. With images such as this it’s not a suprise he has already raised twice the amount he needed (via Shortlist).

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Edible Cook Book

7 Apr

Inspired thinking from Korefe

The first and only Cookbook You Can Actually read, cook and eat. Made out of 100% fresh pasta it Can Be Opened, filled with ingredients and finally Be cooked. Packaged as classic lasagna. The Cookbook WAS Designed as a special project for a wide publishing house.

Telling Stories

25 Mar

Thanks to @tim_burgess for tweeting me the link, well worth a watch.

The Pocket Book of Vagina Cakes!

7 Feb

I have been asked a LOT to do a book on vagina cakes so thought I might as well just go for it – as publishers are too pussy I have decided to fund it myself – I say myself… Crowd sourced funding – buy the book for a bargain £10 and help me make this happen. Have 28 days to go!

Punk Rock Fun Time

21 Dec

This can only be described as “brilliantly crap” – available for £4.85 on Amazon.



Dinner party chic

14 Dec

Mick Rock Exposed (VIDEO)

14 Nov

This was one of the most entertaining afternoons I have ever spent – here are 6 minutes of heavily edited footage as Mick Rock talks me through his book:


Rather randomly you can also behind the scenes of the interview above below too:


Harrods Zombie Last Supper

9 Oct

So proud of Lily Vanilli who is launching in Harrods this week!!!! Cupcakes being sold  (pictured) in the food halls AND her book (based entirely around the concept of a Zombie eating cupcakes) in the stationary department. Now here comes the really good bit, a concept dreamt up with children in mind it could not be further away from EYHO!!! Ready?..
Between 1-2pm on 29th October in the Stationary Dept in Harrods there is a Zombie last supper to celebrate the launch of her book “A Zombie Ate My Cupcake” – lots of free cake samples handed out by zombies and you can have your picture take seated at the table having a dinner party with zombies too! If you have children and love cake (and are maybe a little guilt stricken by not sharing any of your grown up fucked up cakes from EYHO too) then this is not one to miss!

What the hell are you doing?

8 Sep

Very excited about the launch of the David Shrigley anthology out next week – What the hell are you doing? Read an interview he did with Skinny here:

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