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Stolen Girlfriends Club Anatomical Vibe

4 Aug


With Eat Your Heart Out this year being 100% anatomically themed I have started checking out some pretty awesome anatomically designed fashion online. Anatomical fashion being one of those things which is really hard to carry off and generally I find it to be too A Level art student in vibe. It’s even harder to buy, with the only stand out pieces I want to wear being out of reach expensive items such as the spine heels from D Squared, almost everything Kemit Tesero designs or the incredible John Gaultier skeleton corset.

Anyway on one of my recent Pinterest x Google image search quests I discovered Secret Girlfriends Club whose recent anatomical fashions are spot on. Let’s not kid ourselves that it IS expensive but in relation to they Gaultier corset it’s positively Primark prices. I have shared one of my favourites from their collection below.






PS: I love the skull print – does anyone know if the fabric designer / artist is in house?

Anatomically correct marzipan

2 Sep

As regular readers know I can not speak highly enough of Helga’s astonishing work, and am so exited she is taking part in The Edible Autopsy. Anyway she kindly sent me some images of her latest work to share with you all (the sheep head makes me feel sick). Helga Petrau-Heinzel ROCKS!

















Knitted skeleton

9 Nov

An installation piece from Ben Cuevas (via the ever awesome Nerdcore) – I don’t know about you but I would LOVE to have this Skeleton in my closet!








Ice Ice Baby

25 Jul

The coolest way to have your drinks this summer from Fred.

via Nerdcore

Black Milk skeleton leggings

16 Jan

LOVE these – about to buy a pair of the skeleton ones (of course). Now I have to wait whilst they wing their way overseas to make me a very happy blogger!

Mercedes Bonz

26 Oct


Artist and ‘free spirit’ (note it is parked outside Starbucks) Martin Berg took two years to covered this car in Bones. No reason is given why…



Source: Visual St Paul

And there is also this bone car made by a totally different sort of artist and shown in a gallery not the highway:

Bone Car the the India Art Summit 2008

Bone Car the the India Art Summit 2008

Brain remover technicians

25 Oct

The World’s Leading Supplier of Osteological Specimens AKA Skulls Unlimited

It may sound boring on paper but Skulls Unlimited is treasure trove of macabre, they even offer s skull cleaning service. For a start, they create custom skeletal mounts of animals that don’t exist – amazing I know. For example the centaur below was created using the torso of a real human skeleton and melding it with the real skeletal body of a horse.


Skulls Unlimited also rock at creating fake examples of hard-to-find, or non-existent, skeletons. If you want a lemur, piranha, penguin, beaver, marmoset, komodo dragon, rattle snake, lion, monk seal skeleton or just the skeletal flipper of a bottle nosed dolphin then this is the place for you. And look no further if you want a deconstructed skeleton of an English bulldog either (see below):


If you like the bulldog then you might also like this dog skeleton – with toys!


Finally arts and crafts fans will also be pleased to know you can buy misc packs such as mixed horse bones or this pack of 225 snake ribs (ew):


All of this said I am have to be slightly ‘scared’ of any company that started from “cleaning skulls on a kitchen sink” and I will be honest the in-house brain remover technician (a REAL job title) slightly scares me. He is pictured below on the Skulls Unlimited site (really this is the picture online), the favorite skull of Dale Dorsey being the domestic cat!!!


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