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Resident Evil 6 – Printing Press Packs In Human Blood

6 Oct

Screen printing in human blood is something I have wanted to do ever since I saw this poster from mental band Watain printed in human blood by designer Metastazis. Of course there is also the Saw II stunt were posters were screen printed with blood taken from Saw star Tobi Bell (pretty sure the blood donor bit is just a PR ‘white lie’). Blood also has a firm place in the art world, Marc Quinn most notably casting his face in frozen blood. Finally lest we forget The Flaming Lips also created a poster using the blood of lead singer Wayne Coyne (who I LOVE).

If I am honest screen printing in blood has been in a LOT of new business pitches I have done over the past few years as a result of my fascination with the concept. Capcom being the client who had the nerve to finally go for it as part of the Resident Evil 6 human butchery campaign I headed up, working alongside Full Fat PR. We even got our Capcom client to donate some of his own blood

Despite the obvious PR benefits, my additional reasoning for using human blood was that it seemed unethical to use animal blood for such a trivial (in the big scheme of things) reason as it would mean they would have been killed in order for us to do so, taking blood from humans has no lasting effects on the donor.

First off we had to find a trained phlebotomist (obviously) and the projects ‘medical adviser’ Carla Connolly connected me with the utterly wonderful @zoe_mort who declared my veins “amazing” and “juicy”.  For the first test Zoe took blood from both myself and Carla using a variety of blood tubes (such as gold tops, grey tops…) which contained different preservatives so we could experiment and see which would work best for the project. Necessary as our needs from the blood was only for ‘art’ reasons – not medical – so it was a whole new territory for all involved.

As it turned out the classic preservative free purple topped blood tube was the way to go, and needing to create around 50 prints we also bled our client, Adam Merrett of Capcom and Full Fat’s Dan Walsh (both of whom had never given blood before). After testing the blood we were then ready to rock.

So we had the blood, and my fridge looked like Dexter was a house guest (Michael C Hall can be a house guest anytime) so what next? Luckily I knew wonderful medical illustrator Emily Evans, also a Senior Demonstrator of Anatomy at Cambridge University (teaching the medical students dissection and anatomy) and a councilor of the Medical Artists Association of GB, who was up for it and fair play to her. Even holding my fresh warm blood in my hands was enough to make me feel very very sick. As it turned out only my blood was needed in the end and I recall seeing a tube containing his own blood nestling in Dan’s pen pot on his desk. Well I didn’t want it all to stay in my fridge so gave it back to it’s donor.

Emily created the screen print and began to test the right mixture – the end ratio of pigment to blood was about 20/80 – and a few hours later  we had our blood screen prints to send out as part of the Resident Evil 6 press packs. The ‘human blood’ element was also clearly indicated on the poster in case anyone felt compelled to lick the prints or anything! Ironically these prints were going out as part of a pack that also included ‘human meat’ (more on that later) so these where the least disturbing part of the package. Have to say I am so impressed with Emily’s skills on this as the prints have remained blood red to this day, normally art works created using blood and paper as a medium dries a really icky brown when used in art.

If you were not lucky enough to get a screen print then here are some images of the prints below…


Photography by Nathan Pask & Emily Evans


Santa Claus Blood Packs

20 Dec

I love playing around with blood bags (not with blood in don’t worry) at the best of times – and when you throw Santa Claus into the mix, as artist Lee Ki Seung has done, it gets even better! (via Nerdcore)

This is what the amazing Dezeen had to say on the matter:

Christmas often tend to be regarded with a possesion for people who are healthly, rich, and have enough. We otten neglect people who disabled, handicapped, sicked, don’t have enogh so far. Also, we are busy to enjoy our owns. Thus, I suggest a method of sharing through special blood packs. and people readily would get a pleasure and be warm as sharing thier own belonging.

“In generally, people tend to show a stiff motivation and response to donation, This phenomenon has caused passive dedication to society and human being lives. Naturally, it has weaken a bond between mankind as a I suggest new blood bag design and hope to inspire active blood donating boom or event across the world and dedicate to improve a quality of our lives. By donating warmness with pleasure, People would feel being a “Santa-claus” alike . Also, the socks shape welfare and sharing love.”

Blood Testing Made Simple

28 Aug

Another awesome post from Street Anatomy featuring the incredible anatomical tattoos of Professor Richard Sawdon Smith and the process of being tattooed alongside the process of drawing blood.

Fucked up cake shop highlights

8 Nov

OK so the crumbs have now settled enough for me to be able to talk about EYHO without having serious flash backs – here’s my ten top picks of stuff I have not yet featured (to see more search this blog for Eat Your Heart  / EYHO):

1) ‘Bitch in a Bloodbath’ from Holly Andrews – yes that is ALL cake

2) Curly Sue Cakes did a series of ‘Death Heads’ – this chap had died via Torture

3) Everyone loved the eyeballs from Ellie’s Cakes – butter cream goulishness

4) Gutted from Black Cherry Bakery looked so realistic I had to move it away from the counter as I felt a little sick looking at it

5) ‘Bloodied Bambi’ was A Mad Artists Tea Party collaboration between Curly Sue Cakes and David A Smith – they totally nailed it. Sold out in minutes.

6)’ Class A’ pick & Mix – rice paper bank notes and sherbert

7) ‘Anaphylactic Shock’ from Ms Cupcake (all her cakes are vegan) was another gem which sold out super fast, you had to inject this cake just before eating it and I am hoping she will do them all year round)…

8) 2 Girls 1 Cupcake – from cupcake newbie Holly & the Icing. We got other customers in the shop to explain the concept behind this one if people asked… (just Google 2 girls 2 cup if you want to know)

9) Wound cupcakes from Love to Cake – the detail of the stitches meant I could not bring myself to eat one

10) XXX selection from Holly Andrews – yes including THE cake which freaked Dawn French out. I am sooooo innocent I did not realize one of them was the end of a cock until someone pointed it out to me!

How not to open a cake shop!

7 Nov

After the awesome Futureheads cake cutting action at Cake Britain I pondered for a while on who could open Eat Your Heart Out. The amazing Adam Sagir suggested a band he manages, The Defiled, and fuck me they did an absolutely perfect job of it. I refuse to believe there is a better way in the world of opening a cake shop! There is also really no way of summing it up in words – so let me try and tell the tale though these series of images…

1) The lovely Ellie’s cakes made The Defiled cake, I provided them with syringes of ‘blood’ to tit about with too

2) The Defiled were then given a VERY sharp cleaver with instructions to cut the cake, squirt the ‘blood’ everywhere and open the shop

3) The cake  was cut followed by cake fight which had the press running for cover (I boxed clever and was already hiding in the shop). Much cake in a LOT of people’s hair!!!

4) Alex managed to also cut his finger really badly – oh yes it had to be the keyboard player didn’t it!

5) There REALLY was a lot of blood, I am not just writing that for effect

6) Meanwhile the rest of the band posed for photographs (note the brilliant detail of cake still in hair)

7) They also ate a lot of cake funnily enough

8) Emergency first aid was needed (!!!)

9) A show of solidarity (ok piss taking) as first aid took place

10) Fully bandaged

Flaming Lips Bloody Poster

19 Oct

Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne has made a poster using his own blood. The singer-songwriter used blood that was extracted from his body with a needle as ink for the poster. “We thought it would be silly to use some chicken blood or something like that” Coyne said… I THINK I AM IN LOVE!



Gory Berlin

30 Aug

I don’t know much about this but I know that
a) I love it
b) It’s was from Berlin

As always all information much appreciated!..

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