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Day of the Dead Wallpaper

13 Apr

I am so proud of my friend Emily in not only designing, but also producing, this incredible wallpaper inspired by Mexican sugar skulls. Super chic.


The elegant design of the Sugar Skull is representative of the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations, where this folkloric skull is a ‘Memento Mori’ and has become an iconic symbol of life and death.

In this unique wallpaper, the intricately illustrated skull has been given a sophisticated twist by replicating it in gold on a rich matt dark charcoal, making it a luxurious addition to any interior.
Technical Information:

Roll size: 10m x 52cm
Pattern repeat: 53cm
Made in the UK

Buy it direct here.


Star Wars Burgers

6 Jan

Belgian fast food chain Quick is offering Phantom Menace-themed burgers for a limited time in anticipation of the imminent re-release of Star Wars: Episode I in 3D movie theaters. Having a cat called Darth no guessing which on is my favourite!

The promotional burgers, which will be available until the beginning of March, come in three varieties: Jedi, Dark and Dark Vador. The first two look more of less like normal double burgers. The Dark burger, which is associated with Darth Maul, seems to have something like everything bagel seasonings on its bun. And the Jedi burger has some kind of mysterious white topping between the beef patty and the bun.

(via Huffington Post)

Vegan Black Metal Chef: Tempura Asparagus Sushi

30 Aug

Oh these are getting better and better!

This is a complete walkthrough on how to make vegan tempura asparagus sushi…as well as how to make other types of vegan sushi.

Not too much else to say besides, enjoy, thanks for the support and make this shit. Its REally REally Really fucking good. This will make serious quality sushi. I am big on taste more than appearance so if you want to learn a bunch of other fancy ways to roll sushi…im sure there are plenty of tutorials out there.

Gothic French Manicure

24 Aug

Wish I could remember where I found his….


Black & White & WTF

22 Jun

Black & White & WTF is exactly the kind of images Tumblr was made for – very addictive!







Vegan Black Metal Chef – Episode 2

10 Jun

Vegan Black Metal Chef – Pad Thai

11 May

OMG I love this so much & was properly giggling all the way through – no surprise really as whilst I am not a metal fan as such I gave my lovely friend Dan two metal cook books for Christmas from Amazon (see below) and have been plotting a heavy metal BBQ with The Jellymongers for a few months now…  There is something ridiculous about pairing metal music with food that makes it work gloriously!

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