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King Kong Fashion Is My New Trash

15 Apr

22617 - King Kong Escapes

I am not sure I have the figure to carry off the designs but that does not stop be coveting this range of King Kong inspired fashion by South Africa label Trash.










Cherry ball gags…

28 Jun

UPDATE: OMG I had forgotten about posting this ages ago – is there a more perfect accessory to the Cakehead photoshoot than a cherry ball gag. Hell no, this is amazing!!!

Have totally fallen for the SS10 collection from Piers Atkinson entitled Sex On The Brain – the ‘pearl’ splashed balaclava and veil are a particular unique touch, and OF COURSE the cherry ball gag (above) is particularly awesome!!!

Look 24 is really funny too – clearly channeling spunk-tivitis (come on we all know what I mean)!!! At this point might also be worth mentioning that Piers Atkinson also has a diffusion range at Topshop – but to be honest no way near as screwed up = no way near as good!

Fuck Christmas trees

28 Nov

Stomping my food even harder about the fact the Urban Outfitters range is pretty piss poor in the UK, compared to these amazing Christmas tree decorations being sold in their US  The banana and fuck sign would be a must for me – if I could get hold of then that is!

Phallic ceramics

10 Nov

Good work from Fred Flare with this Jonathan Adler Banana Vase – though it does look v rude!



You can also add your own freudian luxury to your Christmas tree with this banana tree decoration – certainly one to suck it and see!



Hmmmm part of me thinks you could just cut to the chase and hang c**k off your tree – I really do like this (in a non phallic way I hasten to add)!

Banana filled buildings

6 Nov



This building in Bogota was stuffed with Bananas all in the name of public art – good work from Hector Zamora (via Urlesque).



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