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Heroin Shroud

7 Aug

They say anything can look beautiful but I am still left massively uncomfortable by this series from Stephen J Shanabrook – does that mean these pieces have served their purpose, I think it does. Strangely I don’t mind his series of morgue chocolates, or even the chocolate suicide bomber, in fact I LOVE them want to sell them at the Edible Autopsy. Worryingly I think that said a lot about me but you can’t deny there is something that draws you to this series of images until you find out what they are!!!

Embroidered Portraits

18 Jun

Daniel Kornrumpf‘s embroidered portraits on linen are astonishing & I adore them – the detail and mimicry of the brush strokes is spot on. Do visit his site as it features many more staggering pieces of embroidery…








(via Dangerous Minds)

Brian Vu

14 Mar

There is something about the work artist and photographer Brian Vu that really appeals to me – maybe the simplicity? Or maybe the way he describes himself had me totally sold? Read / see more at Life Lounge…

An offbeat weirdo from Southern California. A guy who is always thinking visually and obsessed with design in all aspects. Likes sea salt coffee, hanging out with his corgi, and being awake after midnight to catch Nick at Nite.

Drowning in Tea

31 Jan

Beautiful work from Esther Horchner (via WKB)

Updated George Morton-Clark

21 Nov

I love George (Morton-Clark) to absolute bits so felt really bad when I realized I had not posted any of his work for ages – it’s very rude of me not to share (I get to see them all the time). I think I am too close to comment properly on these except to say I love them, they are so disturbed and fucked up, and from one of the *nicest men ever! Ahhhhhhhh 🙂

(this scares me as I recognise those eyes)

*certain exclusions apply

Lost in space

21 Sep

Space invasion and scarily hyper-realistic creations from Jeremy Geddes‘. Weightless astronauts in all the wrong places are rocking my little sick bed world (via Life Lounge).

Lyndsey Jameson shrinkwrapped

18 Sep

I first saw Lyndsey Jameson’s work at the NPG BP Portrait awards a few weeks back – I have to say it was well worth hunting down her website, these pieces are both dark & beautiful.






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