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Chocolate Museum Fossils & Incredible Edible Art

6 Jun

1.T Rex teeth.chocolate

So excited to be blogging again (!!!) and what better way to start than by sharing the work of  an incredible food artist and fine artist Sarah Hardy. If I tell you she gained her skills in in wax-work museums, and as a internationally recognised fine artist, you can guess the quality of the edible fossil pieces Essex based Sarah accurately reproduces in the finest dark, milk & white Belgium Chocolate.


1.Fossil Collectors Box-chocolate

1.Sarah making chocs

These incredible museum quality edible fossils are created with intricate casting and hand-painted detail – creating ultimate collectors items not novelty chocolate. With the largest fossil – the Megalodon Tooth – weighing in at 120g and a whopping 14cm long. 2 hours are spent hand finishing each one to the finest detail with a 11cm long T Rex Tooth and collectors box of 16 separate fossils also in the collection.

1.Fossil Production
1.Fossil Collectors Box-chocolate


IT GETS EVEN BETTER…  Sarah has even created edible decapitated human heads from cake for international film companies and even a raw turkey cake which went on to be an online viral hit, food artist. Now she (& I) are dreaming of the day she gets to create a life sized T Rex Skull in chocolate.

A gallery of some more of her work is below – remember that all of the below are cakes or in the case of the anatomical heart chocolate…

pheasant landscape1
maggot therapy
Conch Cake - Tate & Lyle
Raw Turkey Cake 1
severed head
1.Heart with scalpel -chocolate
A.portrait with pheasant

Peter Aurisch Tattoo Artist

24 Apr

WOW – without question some of the most beautiful tattoos I have ever seen. The work of artist Peter Aurisch (via Notcot).









Copyrighting the Sun

20 Feb

This is a BRILLIANT project & work of art (not sure if I would pass this as art but it is really cool whatever you decide to call it).

Taken from stock photography sites, Copyrighted Suns / Screengrabs, points to the absurdity in trying to “own” the image of the sun. The work also summarizes the collective narratives we weave around it’s setting – I used the descriptive tags of each of the images for the titles of each “water-marked” sun.

A few titles:
Meditation Under Sunset Zen Concept
Beautiful Young Couple Relaxing Near the Sea at Sunset
Leisure Red Beach Emotions Feelings Water
Travel Bedtime Emotions Feelings
Beautiful Young Woman Running on a Beach at Sunset Real Shot Background is Not Photoshopped In
Dream Holiday

Sang Sik Hong Straw Sculptures

16 Dec

These are STUNNING.

Korean artist Sang Sik Hong works magic with drinking straws. His large-scale sculptures, made up of thousands of straws, focus on human desires, namely: power and sex. He likes the irony in using straws, a weak structure and disposable item by itself, to create the contrasting strength of power and desire.

(via collabcubed via notcot)

Thread Sculptures

5 Dec

Simply incredible thread creations from Toronto based artist Amanda McCavour (via The Trendy Girl).

Naked Body Projection

15 Nov

Another one of those concepts that makes you wonder why you have not thought of it before….

A beautiful series of photographs shot by artist Texan Davis Ayer whose technique involves projecting images onto the naked bodies of women – creating the effect of photo perfect tattoos before photographing them. Would love to explore this technique further… (via The Trendy Girl)

Needless to say this post also reminds me of ‘Graffiti On Girls’ which is a lot more porno and a lot less arty than the work below (kind of SFW link):


Eric Yahnker

17 Sep

Surreal & stunning work from Eric Yahnker

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