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Anamorphic Illusions

3 Dec



Emerald Street were right these are amazing, especially the confused cat at the end!


Limited edition – Dalston Fried Chicken

29 Nov

Fat & Furious

27 Nov

The Fat & Furious Burger Tumblr may not be in English but who needs it when the burgers look this ruddy amazing. Absolute genius.

Cantaloupe Bowl

9 Nov

Oh these are so pretty (and affordable!)… 






Eating Deborah Harry & a cake vajazzle

30 Sep

This Kreemart edible installation at the MoCA is f*cking incredible. As a direct result of seeing this I have also decided that I need more half naked men in my cake projects 😉 From what I can gather the cake was made by Rosebud Cakes – some of their creations are very ‘vision quest’ in design. An interesting note from my point of view is that I love how they cheated with the head and used a purposefully crap looking dummy rather than make one. It’s always the head that makes ‘human’ cakes look a bit shit & fake so this is an inspired solution. It’s almost as good at the Chocolate Grace Jones.

All of Kreemart’s stuff is incredible and when I grow up I want to be just like them. Look at the below, it’s on a totally different level.

PS: Deborah Harry is so awesome it’s ridiculous >> I actually want this exact outfit!

Andy Alcala Face Painting

10 Aug

Photographer Andy Alcala has done a pretty good darn job recreating of some of the world’s best known paintings using human faces as the only canvas.

These are cool but personally I think pop art are the only designs which can really be rocked on a human face and you can check out some evidence below which totally proves why.

Post Living – Art vs Furniture

29 Apr

This is such as clever concept from Post Living – an art table and two prints in a menage a trois of art awesomeness.

PostLiving is a UK based company set up around a passion for urban art and simple modern and affordable pieces of furniture and homewares. The founders of PostLiving have backgrounds in graphic, interior and product design. The end game is to work alongside artists creating an atmosphere of co-operation and collaboration.

Currently there are some pretty darn awesome Pete Fowler sets on offer – each featuring a table and two prints of ‘The Owler’ family. Fab value for money at £125.00.


‘The Owlers’ for Post living: I’ve always been interested in furniture and ways of introducing functionality to artwork and vice versa, so this project with Post Living caught my attention.

This series of images are drawn from my most recent work using the ipad to paint with. It’s such an immediate tool to use, like a sketchbook but with full colour at your fingertips. To anyone who is familiar with my work, owls started cropping up as I started to become comfortable using the ipad.

A group of almost half owl-half human characters appeared over a few days painting and they seemed to be alive and could do with a home, it seemed perfect to set them free in people’s living rooms.

Are they a family or related? I’ll leave that up to whoever lives with them but I’ve just called them the Owlers after a group of beloved friends.

For more on Pete Fowler see his Bio page

3 images = 1 x Table // 2 x Wall Art. Art vs Furniture. You decide? 
You choose the table//wall art combo when you select your favorite table option (01, 02 or 03).
Each table option has a picture of the table, a room view and the original artwork images.
Once you have chosen your table option, your table arrives pre-assemble, with 2 pieces of ready to hang wall art.

What you get: 
1 x Table 
2 x Wall Art

450mm (w) x 450mm (d) x 360mm (h)

All the products are constructed from 18mm MDF, the table surface is sealed and the legs are a fantastic mixture of wood and white laminate.

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