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Star Wars & Simpsons salads

8 May















How to make Side Show Bob Spicy Salmon Salad on Craftzine

Make crane croutons for your salad

Make minature salad (for a dolls house)

Fish salad

Salad Flowers

Salad Clothes

Making a cakehead baby

27 Jun

As well as the terrifying baby cake and lifesize hound dog-shaped sugar sculpture (above), below are some more of Michelle Wibowo’s amazing sugary creations. I particularly like the cupcake big enough for 2,000!

Ugly duckling art installation

15 Jun

Cute yet powerful art installation from Sam3 – entitled Ugly Duckling.

Manic Lifeblood

12 Jun

Whoa – these images were created by the design studio FARROW for the CD art of The Maniac Street Preachers album, Lifeblood. Photography by John Ross. They were created by pouring buckets of fake blood all over a model who was later taken out of the images in post production.

Ant genocide for art

4 Jun

This is fundamentally wrong on so many levels I am not sure where to start but I’ll give it a go…

An artist has used over 200,000 dead ants to make a ‘painting’ of his brother. The portraits from artist Chris Trueman are designed to look like an old-timey yellowed photograph, except with hundreds of thousands of harvester ants instead of photographic film.

“They’d die in a couple of minutes and then I’d sprinkle them onto a flat piece of Plexiglass,” Trueman said. “Some ants would break apart because they were dried out, and others would be in their full form.”

via Bizarre

Graffiti trainers

23 May

Sole Heaven and Zero Cool Gallery recently teamed up to create art on a bunch of trainers. The idea was simple; give a bunch of infamous graffiti artists a pair of plain white Nikes, and a conventional canvas, and let them crack on. In terms of creativity it’s an idea as over-exposed as Jordon, but the results are brilliant and speak for themselves (source).

Valay Shende

22 May

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