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If there’s a steady paycheck…

8 Oct

First up in the Stay Puft CC Limited Edition series is this illustrated Ghostbusters quote from illustrator Thefty. It’s being mailed out with my CV on the back, along with read more links for my creative agency Stay Puft.

Slack blogging biatch

12 Apr

Sorry I have been soooooooo busy no time for posts today – the Such Tweet Sorrow project (yes the one with the tweeting balcony) has gone fucking nuts in terms of press / coverage. It was also a trending Twitter topic which ROCKS!

So nuts I forgot I was offered a seat on the train this morning by a women this morning who thought I was pregnant. She was trying to be kind, but I hate her and the mars bars that tempt me daily.

Anyway all in all I feel like this dog below to be honest (leave it):

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