Coalition Love Pants

24 Nov

Five Go Mad is such a fabulous quirky shop which stays on the right side of tacky – we as far as you can be when talking about pants with the face of David Cameron and Nick Clegg on.


I am slightly disappointed with the lack of range on the site so far – clicking on some menu items brings up no options – but it is a new site and one I think is worth sticking with. I can’t forgive them the awful food selection though. Some of my top picks:

Velvet Spaniel on Wheels

Pink Shrimp Badge

Felt Scone

Jimbo Art – I Eat Cake In My Pants

24 Nov

I have seen some of these pieces before so it’s not a new discovery, however I had no idea they were from Jimbo Art which produces a range of homewares featuring his original illustrations. Frankly I could buy the whole shop. What is there not to love about a ghetto badger?

Cream Tea Baubles

24 Nov

Is there any more proof cream teas are on trend than these super cute cream tea baubles from Fortmum & Mason… At £65 though I don’t think I will be adding to my tree sadly!

Slayer Christmas Jumper!!!

23 Nov

Now this is AMAZING – gutted it has sold out already though! Even better is’s official merch 🙂

Chocolate Heart From Police Suicide Victim

22 Nov

I have featured the work of Stephen Shanabrook on this blog a fair bit but this solid chocolate heart is one of the most disturbing pieces of his I have seen, in fact the most disturbing chocolate I will ever see.

What we know about this heart is that it belonged to a person who committed police suicide, this being where a person forces the police in a position to shoot them dead. The heart specimen had been kept by a pathologist since 1960. There is something about seeing the two bullet holes in the heart which sends shivers down my spine.

Snoop Dog Cake Pops

21 Nov

Earlier this year I discovered Miss Insomia Tulip AKA Lou Lou P’s cake pops. She is amazing and am so happy we found her (via Flickr). Writing this post so you can see my favourite 10 things she has created and of course so she realizes how amazing she is!

Pearls & Swine

19 Nov

Affordable, awesome, innovative British millinery and affordable to boot. Don’t ask me to choose my favourite piece as I can’t. Pearl and Swine well worth checking out.

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