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Vintage Fancy Dress

21 Apr


1950’s – photographer unknown




LCF0096 6if3kc_1d4r_l1919 Carousel Fancy Dress Costume 1919 Carousel Fancy Dress Costume




Women on Venice Beach (1930's)

Women on Venice Beach (1930’s)


20sowlhat2 20sowlhat1

Hats & Headgear Fashion in the 1930s (13)



1930's Clown Costume

1930’s Clown Costume





01-cacb-003 Bulldogs in Fancy Dress, 1905 (1)





Mars Burger

24 Mar

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Paul Verhoeven and a mutant on the set of “Total Recall” (1990). Via Nerdcore.


Automotive Ball 1924

1 Jun

AMAZING – Sara and Gerald at Compte Étienne de Beaumont’s Automotive Ball, 1924 (via AMP)

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