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David Bowie in Space

13 May

I don’t think it is ever going to be possible to beat this amazing, inspiring and strangely moving David Bowie cover. It featured Canadian commander Chris Hadfield covering Space Oddity, which he recorded on the International Space Station shortly before handing over command of the space station to Russia’s Pavel Vinogradov. Follow him on Twitter @cmdr_Hadfield


Kitten Cam

17 Nov

Be warned this is horribly addictive plus you can rewind the footage to catch up on the little tikes – the ginger one is so naughty!

Big Bang Theory Flashmob

16 Nov


Oh it’s the little things in life which make me happy and this is amazing 🙂



PS: Did you see New Girl CeCe in the background – new guest slot?..




Ironing Art

15 Nov


Don’t judge me but I don’t even own an iron so doing something like this personally would never ever happen. That said I have been defeated by a tea towel in what I refer to the ironing wars before now so I don’t think it would just be the ownership of an iron which would stop me do you? From a Moscow based agency a fabulous example of how to create a strong viral / image stunt with both subtle AND strong client branding – in this case for the new Philips Azur iron. (via TTG)

Real Life Simpsons Credits

20 Oct

Recreating the credits was an inspired way to market the new Simpsons series on Sky (well it was new back in June). Brilliantly done (via BBB).

And who can forget the real life Simpsons House or Kwik-e-Mart, or even the less than glamorous Springfield.

Red Bull Stratos Jump (In Lego)

16 Oct

The Ice Cream Man – Trailer

14 Oct

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