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Vagina ice cream – Babeland Vulva

29 Jun

I have always said how amazing Jimmy Jane are this PR stunt outside a Babeland sex shop confirms this. For one day a ice cream van will played host to someone in an anatomically correct vagina costume selling you ice cream with an additional option of chocolate body paint on top. Winning!

Maybe my mind is in the gutter 99.9% of the time but I have to say using a “Mister Softee” van is also inspired 😀 (thanks to @greekstreet for the tip).

Via Refinery 29

(ok I am picky but I just wish they had a better picture than this rubbish one)

Rainbow Vagina Ring

29 May

This has got to be the worst wedding ring in the world – what is wrong with people, I mean this is not even crafted properly like Holly Andrew’s vagina cakes (& yes I spotted the ‘taste the rainbow’ quote too I just can’t bring myself to comment on it).

Pussy Cat (NSFW)

1 May

Pussy Cat 2007 Taxidermied ferral domestic cat, polyest 45cm long from Jamie McCartney (via):

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