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Utterly random snake video

9 Jan

I think this video was made for the sale of a sculpture of the world’s largest snake which cost 25,000 euros – I am also most probably wrong. Questions in my brain:
a) WTF
b) Why does this video feature Frank Butcher
c) 44 millions views – erm…

Hitler Foetus

23 Sep

I came across the work of Alexandre Nicolas as he encased a brain in plastic but it was the range of foetus sculptures that really struck me! The Hitler shock factor out of the way I think the superhero ones are really cute!

(my favourite)

Heroin Shroud

7 Aug

They say anything can look beautiful but I am still left massively uncomfortable by this series from Stephen J Shanabrook – does that mean these pieces have served their purpose, I think it does. Strangely I don’t mind his series of morgue chocolates, or even the chocolate suicide bomber, in fact I LOVE them want to sell them at the Edible Autopsy. Worryingly I think that said a lot about me but you can’t deny there is something that draws you to this series of images until you find out what they are!!!

Pokemon Body Modifcation

17 Feb


Those stitches don’t look great – can imagine this was a bit of a hash job ewwwwwwwwwww (via Street Anatomy)

Damascus Teletubbies

22 Jan


Umbilical cord iPhone charger

6 Oct

Ooooo this is horrible and that’s from me…

As Lost At E Minor put it “Straight out of a some twisted long forgotten David Cronenburg movie from the 80s“. Made for those who are extremely attached to their IPhone it’s an Umbilical cord IPhone charger from artist Mio I-zawa. People ask me how I think of such strange things and I have to say I never understood what they mean. Now I do!?

See below for more of his anatomical style installation pieces (shudder):

Vagina tattoo – potentially NSFW

19 Sep

I have been asked a LOT to do a book on vagina cakes so thought I might as well just go for it – as publishers are too pussy I have decided to fund it myself – I say myself… Crowd sourced funding – buy the book for a bargain £10 and help me make this happen. Have 28 days to go!

Just someone tell me why – especially the one under the arm!..