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Meet Me Halfway

9 May

An extra London date has been added for The Futureheads gig in London – seeing them play Rant live really is a totally unique experience and wont you can really afford to miss. Tickets on sale from today.


Super Morrissey Bros

22 Apr

Lazyitis has created The Smiths Charming Man to the 8-bit tune of Mario Bros with unexpected brilliance!

Morrissey Hacked into Google Earth

1 Jan

YES!!! If I had the skills this is 900% something I would have done myself – read about it in full Morrissey fan detail over at ANIMAL (via Nerdcore).

The Google hack insert is a pixeled replica of Morrissey’s pose on the 1986 The Queen Is Dead LP, right at the virtual replica of the location at St Ignatius Walk in Salford, M5 3RX, United Kingdom, where the army of Moz-coiffed adorable clones ride bicycles in the “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before” video

The Power of Love

23 Dec

Unquestionably my number one Christmas song – LOVE LOVE LOVE

Flaming Lips Multi-coloured Vinyl

28 Nov

The way forward – check out these snaps of the processes in making the Flaming Lips Multicolour-Vinyl (via Nerdcore).

Gagas Workshop

25 Nov

GaGa Stocking $65

Forget the partridge in a pear tree. It’s the 12 Days of Gaga! We will release a new limited-edition product each day until the opening of GAGA’S WORKSHOP at Barneys. They won’t be available long, so make sure to come back daily to check out all the items.

I am dying over the Lady GaGa pop up grotto at Barney’s in New York – Gagas Workshop. The website is clever, interactive with special social media discount codes hidden around New York. All the products are great too with something for all pockets – even if you don’t like Gaga there is a touch of whimsy / nuttiness about them such as these amazing nails below!!! Clearly when it comes to creativity alter egos are the way forward 😉 Oh and 25% of all proceeds go to her Born This Way foundation.

Flame Press on Nails - $225


Gaga Lollipop $25


Egg Spin Toy $35

Moto Gloves $225Edge of Glory Nail Polish $45




Gaga Ornament $25


Gaga Bust Candle $335



Saving the best to last I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Gaga edibles:








Born Slippy

19 Nov

AMAZING tune so no reason for posting required. Bloody hell it is SIXTEEN years old though *heads off to lay down in dark room*.

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