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Bubble Ring

18 Oct

Leaving small boy jokes aside about rings & bubbles this is pretty cool… (via The Trendy Girl).


Chicken Wing Necklace

27 Sep

I love Rene and Nerdcore for finding random things such as this pink chicken wing necklace from the Onch Movement (whose designs I am totally in love with in a ‘I know it is wrong’ way).

PINK FRIED CHICKEN!!! (yours for $79.99)

Deep fried and extra crispy, the Pink Fried Chicken Wing is bold statement for any fashionista. Each chicken wing is hand battered so no two pieces are the same. Made from 100% animal free material!

This juicy wing measures approximately 4.5″ tip to tip and hangs from a 17″ heavy duty gold tone link chain with an extra 5″ inch adjustable sizing chain.

Having a good old rummage around the website there have some more interesting designs including bacon bracelets and drum sticks – check these bad boys out! Seriously it’s worth watching the whole slideshow as just when you think it can’t get worse it does!!!

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Momocreatua’s Murdered Owl

9 Sep

This series of jewelry featuring murdered and hung animals from Momocreatura is both utterly depressing and appealing – the hung owl makes me feel really sad 😦 That said it is macabre jewelry which does not feature skulls (bored of them at the moment) so that can only be a good thing.















(Pete don't look it will only upset you)



Dog Knuckle Duster

30 Apr

Words can no describe how much I love this Dog Knuckle Duster (via the brilliant Flash Glam Trash)

In fact I have to say I feel a little in lust with most of the collection from Eleanor Bolton which included the pieces below;

Mahtab Hanna

23 Mar

Some really different jewelery from Matab Hanna – do take a look as whilst these below are the only ones I like from the collection, the rest of the internet appears to be going bonkers over their elaborate coral reef style neck pieces.

Crying rabbits from Hairy Sock

16 Nov

Ooooo another day another gem over at Culture Label – in this case the discovery of Hairy Sock and some genuinely different jewelry such as these picks below:





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