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Super Morrissey Bros

22 Apr

Lazyitis has created The Smiths Charming Man to the 8-bit tune of Mario Bros with unexpected brilliance!

Caine’s Cardboard Arcade

12 Apr

Caine’s Cardboard Arcade  is one of the very few films I can think of (football / Toy Story 3 aside) that makes grown men cry having less effect on women. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. The kid is a genius – love the calculator fun ticket maths for a start.

Happy Soldiers Human Website

2 Apr

Best Party Ever – Bob Dylan for 2 year olds

9 Mar

They had me at mini wrist bands. Without question this has got to be the best ever children’s party… (via Nerdcore)

The moment Holden picked up his ukulele and stuck a harmonica in his mouth, we knew we had a tiny Bob Dylan on our hands. Naturally, the next logical step was to convert our building lounge into a rock club for his 2nd birthday party!

Holden’s favorite music teacher, John Carlin of The Kids Music Underground, was coming to perform so we created a kid-friendly stage area complete with theater curtain, custom music-themed posters (including our own version of Milton Glaser’s famous Dylan illustration), prop guitars and a Fender amp. Club-goers were given “admit one, age two” wristbands upon entering the party, and VIP family wore laminated all-access passes. The Dylan poster art appeared again on yet another cake crafted by the talented crew at Betty Bakery, and Holden’s lil rockstar buddies left the show with branded harmonicas as favors.


24 Feb

Well NUKEMAP is a cheery application from Alex Wellers which allows you to find out how effected you would be if a Nuke Bomb was dropped. It even breaks it down into the different ways to die from fireball to air blast (20 psi overpressure; heavily built concrete buildings are severely damaged or demolished; fatalities approach 100%).

Whilst this is not the first nuke map it does have lots of cool features:

  • Easily draggable target marker (which has an adorable little atom on it)!
  • Bright, stomach-churning colors indicating major negative effects of atomic detonations!
  • Effects described include zones of 500 rem exposure, major overpressures, and fire! Plus, the legend breaks these down into easy-to-understand descriptions of what they mean for your average person caught inside of them.
  • Lots of pre-sets for both places to drop them (I didn’t want to discriminate) and yields of historical weapons! It has never been easier to put a 50Mt H-bomb on the Eiffel Tower.
  • Automatically tries to drop the bomb on wherever Google thinks you are accessing the Internet from (based on your IP address)!
  • You can link to specific detonations and send them to your friends to enjoy forever!

Via @D_NS (worth following as also posts random things.

Alex Box – masterful makeup innovation

19 Dec

Make up design from Alex Box is so inspiring & really makes me want to start experimenting a bit more. I have long said edible sprinkles are a valid choice of ‘glitter’ to put on your face, and I guess with an alter ego like Miss Cakehead a spot on choice too.

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Pizza Sleeping Bag

22 Nov

No words needed – but if you desire them head here.


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