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King Kong Fashion Is My New Trash

15 Apr

22617 - King Kong Escapes

I am not sure I have the figure to carry off the designs but that does not stop be coveting this range of King Kong inspired fashion by South Africa label Trash.










Bird Skeleton Cardigan

11 Dec

Knitted bird skeletons (!), and lace (!), in black (!) is almost too much for me to take, and as a bonus this to die for cardigan is affordable too. On sale at Dolls Kill which is a site I love despite the fact I am probably far too old for most of their clothes but sod it.

Screen shot 2012-12-11 at 21.46.09

Screen shot 2012-12-11 at 21.49.05

Too Fast Bird Skeleton Lace Front Cardigan is lace in the front with a party in back. Fool everyone into thinking you’re a fancy chick with the lace front, and then freak them out with the back. Bird skeletons and skulls hanging out on the back for an extra freaky detail. So rad. Cropped fit with buttons down the front. Ruffled bottom trim. Throw this on with a bodycon dress and finish the look with stacked rosary necklaces.

Slayer Christmas Jumper!!!

23 Nov

Now this is AMAZING – gutted it has sold out already though! Even better is’s official merch 🙂

Hyper Realistic Bacon Scarf

17 Nov

Now this is not the first bacon scarf I have ever seen but it’s the best I have ever seen – love the reality of it and the fact it is not cartoonish like many of it’s predecessors. From Natalie Luder via Notcot.

Black Milk x Star Wars

30 Oct

I love Black Milk and not a week goes by without me rocking a pair of their leggings. I also love Star Wars which explains why one of the pusses is called Darth. So you would think I’d love the Black Milk Star Wars collection. Well I do and I don’t… Really wish there had been Darth, Death Star and Artoo leggings. I am trying to resist buying any of the current items on the site as holding out for the Yoda leggings which have a preview in the video above. If I can resist the montage leggings remains to be seen.


Cats In Fashion Shoots

16 Oct

Ever since Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette, became world famous it seems to me that cats are popping up more and more in fashion editorials, and some of my favourite cat inclusive editorial shots below (the mini guitars are incredible & should feature in all cat photography). For the sake of my sanity do not get my started on the treatment the ridiculously spoilt Chooupette gets but you can read about it here. Let’s just say he could run the entire Battersea cat for a year and it would cost less than the money he spends on his one cat. Cats are happiest when treated as a cat so I can’t help but find his behaviour incredibly selfish and self indulgent. It reminds me of how some insane cat breeders wont sell you a cat unless you sign a contract saying you will not let it outside, utterly ridiculous.


(note best cat playing guitar shot ever)

Don’t get me wrong I am all for ‘cat inclusion’ but sometimes you need to let cats be cats.

Burger Sweatshirt

1 Oct

Mr Gugu & Miss Go sell a range of incredible printed sweatshirts. A spin off shop from their massively random Sexy Sweaters blog that combines sweatshirts, great imagery & photoshop to make addictive browsing. 45 Euro these novelty sweatshirts are so random, and utterly brilliant, I have ordered the burger one to replace December’s traditional Christmas jumper. I secretly want the weed one as well despite the fact it is veering perilously close to bad taste and has ‘please stop and search me’ written all over it.









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