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Roadsworth’s Bottle Installation

30 Mar

To highlight it’s commitment to the environment Montreal’s Eaton center teamed up with street artist ‘Roadsworth’ to create an installation of recycled materials ONLY using products thrown away by customers… The results are pretty impressive, and the concept strong, but I think the photographs may make it look a lot more impressive than it was when viewed in person (via The Trendy Girl).

Radioactive Fish

20 Dec

Say what you want about Greenhouse but you can’t deny some of their awareness generating stunts are pretty darn clever (via crackajack)

They’ve come up with a really great idea on how to publicize the results of some of their radiation tests of fish from Japanese supermarket shelves. A fake advertisement flier, listing the amounts of cesium instead of prices.

And the message it sends is very clear: Greenpeace could not find any fish that contained radiation exceeding legal safety limits. The legal limit for Japan is 500 becquerels per kilogram. The highest amount of radiation they found in one fish was 47.3 Bq/kg, or less than one tenth the limit.

Worst ever Easter bunnies – EASTER REPOST

18 Apr


A curious forest

24 Feb

These trees are amazing – beautiful, rare and mother nature at it’s very best. I find it hard not to imagine them as mushrooms Alice in Wonderland, longing to see a fat pink cheshire cat chilling out on top of one of them (other less imaginative people say they look like flying saucers perched on trunks). Of course that’s all in my mind but in real life these trees have a pretty cool name too – Dragon Blood Trees.






Pop Bitch Cake

12 Oct

If you are going to donate a cake to Pop Bitch you need to make sure it’s extreme right – and we are talking PR for an over 18 cake shop… Disgusting cake making by Holly Clarke (who needs help)!



Naked cat cuddling

12 Sep

Nice random post I found at I Love Cat Party

Unfucking the Gulf

25 Jul

F-Bomb-A-Thom may be a random response to the BP oil spill but it kind of works and is beautifully shot. For a brilliant ‘OMG are people that backward’ moment also check out this response on the creative: ‘UnF–’ Ad Mixes Children and Profanity to Push Left Message the messages are unintentionally really really funny.

Anyway fuck those loosers above I think this manifesto rocks:

Cleaning Up the Gulf One Dirty Word at a Time

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