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Chocolate Museum Fossils & Incredible Edible Art

6 Jun

1.T Rex teeth.chocolate

So excited to be blogging again (!!!) and what better way to start than by sharing the work of  an incredible food artist and fine artist Sarah Hardy. If I tell you she gained her skills in in wax-work museums, and as a internationally recognised fine artist, you can guess the quality of the edible fossil pieces Essex based Sarah accurately reproduces in the finest dark, milk & white Belgium Chocolate.


1.Fossil Collectors Box-chocolate

1.Sarah making chocs

These incredible museum quality edible fossils are created with intricate casting and hand-painted detail – creating ultimate collectors items not novelty chocolate. With the largest fossil – the Megalodon Tooth – weighing in at 120g and a whopping 14cm long. 2 hours are spent hand finishing each one to the finest detail with a 11cm long T Rex Tooth and collectors box of 16 separate fossils also in the collection.

1.Fossil Production
1.Fossil Collectors Box-chocolate


IT GETS EVEN BETTER…  Sarah has even created edible decapitated human heads from cake for international film companies and even a raw turkey cake which went on to be an online viral hit, food artist. Now she (& I) are dreaming of the day she gets to create a life sized T Rex Skull in chocolate.

A gallery of some more of her work is below – remember that all of the below are cakes or in the case of the anatomical heart chocolate…

pheasant landscape1
maggot therapy
Conch Cake - Tate & Lyle
Raw Turkey Cake 1
severed head
1.Heart with scalpel -chocolate
A.portrait with pheasant

Anatomical Macarons – MUST SEE!

22 Aug

Anatomical Macarons – MUST SEE!.

EYHO is set to be a corker this year make sure you head over and check it out! For starters how amazing are these anatomical macarons!

Butchered window display

10 Aug

Amazing macabre window display from New York <<< I LOVE IT!

Cockpops – NSFW

16 Jul

I feel like I am slowing corrupting Laura – anyway please see below some of her ‘Cockpops’ (think screw up push pop) made by Mamma Jamma Cakes (contact her for orders) for a special EYHO client’s birthday. I have to spend this weekend in Southampton with my family so could not go to the party which I am really upset about 😦 There is something about the ‘girth’ of these I find really disturbing. Well that combined with the fact you can eat them as you may do when…. (ok I just can’t go there). All of the rudeness aside this is a pretty smart way to make a realistic cake penis without having to worry about it’s structural integrity.














Getting our (Alice Cooper) freak on!

19 Jun

We’ve got about a week to go before the Alice Cooper freak show auditions where will be feeding the press & “interacting” (don’t ask). Delighted to say the awesome Thefty is working as an art director on the project alongside myself, and she’s even done a post with some great gory cake illustrations, and a good luck message to all the bakers (below).

We’re going for a Silent Hill theme with Mamma Jamma Cakes making a cake bust of THE infamous Silent Hill nurse as the centre piece cake, and lest we forget these amazing Silent Hill cake pops I have already shared. Guerilla Science will also be providing us with some brains! There is a lot more in the pipeline and whilst we like to keep a few secrets for the big day I can share below Helena’s rough concept diagram for the table.

I have even got stuck in and produced 2 Silent Hill cupcake stands for the table shown below. I have to say I am pretty pleased with it (and the Facebook group appear to like it too) considering I made it with some old bandages, chipped plates, fake blood, a bruise wheel and items from my kitchen cupboard for colouring (gravy / soya / tea / vinegar / beetroot / flour & water glue).

Solid Chocolate Human Skull – AMAZING

16 Jun

So I collected the long awaited solid chocolate human skull from the post office today and I have to say it is one of the most amazing edible structures I have ever seen (or am ever likely to see). A big claim but I stand by it as remember this is 100% solid edible delicious chocolate cast from a real human skull (you can see the detail in some of the c/u images which is staggering). It’s also made me so excited about the edible autopsy I am almost scared (massively glossing over the fact that writing up the latest version of the document made me physically gag). The solid chocolate human skeleton is going to blow everyone’s minds & having now got a skull I know that Marina Malvada of Chocolate Skulls is absolutely going to deliver the goods (not that I ever doubted it). Maybe I have become ‘desensitised’ but the fact you can see ever single detail of this persons skull (& even teeth) blows me away…

Edible Barbara Cartland

7 May

So you may remember I was slagging off how bad the Lagerfield Magnum ice cream PR stunt was and this post perfectly illustrates what I mean. Take the bust above of Dame Barbara Cartland for example – it’s 100% edible & made from marzipan. Now compare that to the Lagerfield creation – makes it look piss poor doesn’t it?..

It all began when the artist saw a picture of Dame Barbara Cartland, a romantic fiction author, and was fascinated by this bizarre old lady dressed in pink. It felt like she just had to create a sculpture of her, and because she looked so “artificially sugary”, she used marzipan as a medium. “It seemed to prove that sweet material cannot only create ‘cute’ things. On the contrary – the bitter sweet side tempted me,” says Helga.

Moving on, it goes without saying I adore Helga Petrau-Heinzel as she mainly makes realistic human entrails out of marzipan. There is clearly a new wave of cannibalism on the horizon with this and the Edible Autopsy – and I really hope she says yes to working with us on the project.

Eat Your Heart Out @ Torture Garden

20 Feb

So Eat Your Heart out sold come cakes at Torture Garden after being invited by it’s founder / owner David to do so. It was a strange environment for a cake shop – but one heaped in so much dark cakey inspiration we all came away with so much inspiration. I felt like such an old lady going home at 3am when people were still coming in but hey ho. I also met a really nice photographer there, Stephanie Woolf, who took some great photographs of us (below) and the night in general. Her London Insight blog is also worth checking out (though she’ll not be posting the TG story for a while so it’s worth visiting it again in a few weeks.

Here is a gallery of  some more of Stephanie’s photographs she took on the night, or view the full Flickr stream here.



All images copyright Stephanie Woolf

Severed Pig Trotter Cupcakes

10 Feb

Here are some of the severed pig trotter ‘cupcakes’ the Butcher of Caker Street will be selling at the Torture Garden (site NSFW) Valentines Ball…


Torture Garden Love Heart Cookies (NSFW)

8 Feb

I am not sure if I can mention our amazing Mad Artists Tea Maker behind these beasts yet as she is still working on her alter ego (I also feel very guilty for corrupting here).  Anyway please see below the mock ups for the ‘Love Heart Cockies’ we will be selling at Torture Garden this Saturday… they would certainly make a different kind of VD treat 🙂





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