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Wesker & Son – Resident Evil’s Human Butchery

28 Sep

Hello I’m back!!!

One of the reasons I took a break from blogging was I had lots of work on, so posting about one of those very projects which took me away from the site in the first place seems a great place to kick things off again…

Essentially I was briefed directly by Capcom to come up with a concept to launch Resident Evil 6 in the UK and the ‘Human Butchery’ was born. I looked after the creative execution & event planning, working with PR agency Full Fat in executing the PR side of the campaign. What I love about being a freelance creative director is you get to do some really really great things, and despite not being a fan of meat (bleargh) I loved every second of it. If I only did campaigns for clients about things I loved then my work would be limited to shoes, cats, dogs and my dear friends The Futureheads so clearly I have to branch out waaaaaaaaay outside my comfort zone!!! More updates to come on other aspects of the campaign (such as creating murder scenes and screen printing in human blood) but for now I wanted to share images of Wesker & Son itself – a pop up human butchery launching Resident Evil 6, and open to the public on the 28th & 29th September should any of my dear readers wish to buy some tasty human limbs created by the amazing food artist Sharon Baker.

See the Reuters video of the event here.

Cyclops Cosplay

20 Feb

Ok so this little girl has totally & utterly nailed cosplay – in fact even looking at the picture makes me feel very old and very very uncool.

See some more cosplay images here.


Boobie Hats

11 Feb

Perfect idea to combat all the idiots who say breast feeding is offensive… (via Nerdcore)

This is a completely hand-crocheted hat, made to look like a breast when worn by a baby/toddler/child, while nursing! It’s made of 100% organic cotton, and is very soft and warm. It can be made in any skin or nipple tone.

Nerdy Burlesque (50% NSFW)

8 Jan

Epic Win Burlesque are basically AMAZING with nerdtastic burlesque shows themed along the lines of Batman, and (due to Stay Puft) my favourite Ghostbusters. I have to say the images on their website are pretty poor (boo what a let down) so if you want to find out more hit Google.

Here’s some more about them:

Nerdcore hip-hop artist Schaffer the Darklord (STDNYC @ PSN) and vaudevillian Nelson Lugo (PieManAlaMode @ XBLA) shamelessly and lovingly embrace their geekiest interests to produce and host epic evenings of nerd-themed burlesque. Evenings filled with music, laughs and magic… but mostly, scantily clad burlesque beauties paying homage to some of their most beloved pastimes. Topics such as video games, comic books and cartoons are explored and celebrated in the most awesome way… with boobies!

Star Wars burlesque

Batman burlesque - The Joker

Batman burlesque

Ghostbusters burlesque

yay it's Stay Puft

Video game burlesque

Santa skeletons

19 Dec

The classic Santa skeleton…

CYMK Cocktail

18 Nov

This series of CYMK Cocktails is an absolute gem of a concept – would love to do something similar for a UK brand…

Amazing Typewriter Drink Mixer

26 Sep

Artists Statement / Read More

My piece has buttons working as pumps and has pipes instead of wires. It also has a display like any other electronic panel board, but as opposed to using liquid crystals as in electronic displays, my machine’s display functions via multicoloured syrups.

My machine converts words into cocktails. And, yes, it does work. Now I can literally taste the flavor of my words. […]

Pressing the buttons on the keyboard injects the corresponding ingredients into the display, which tints different segments of the display and thus produces letters. You can try to imagine that each letter can have a taste (L-Lime, A-Apple), a color (R-Red, G-Green), or a name (K-Kahlua, J-Jagermeister).

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