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Andy Alcala Face Painting

10 Aug

Photographer Andy Alcala has done a pretty good darn job recreating of some of the world’s best known paintings using human faces as the only canvas.

These are cool but personally I think pop art are the only designs which can really be rocked on a human face and you can check out some evidence below which totally proves why.

Festival of Colours

4 Aug

Talented photographer Thomas Hawk has uploaded an incredible Flickr set of the Utah Festival of Colours 2012 (via Nerdcore).

Carved fruit & veg

4 Mar

Super cool food carving from Manchester based food & drink photographer Ilian.







Granny’s Social Media Tips

2 Mar

I love these social media tips as imagined by ‘Granny’s’ very creative grandson – read more about his project, including how to get granny to show your tips, over on the site:

Satellite Slums

26 Feb

They say a picture is worth 1000 words… (read more)

Global slums can be vastly different in nature. Some are working-class neighborhoods that have been torn up by gang wars like the Petare slum in Venezuela. Others like Dharavi in Mumbai, a mini-city that operates as a recycling hub and has a booming leather industry, are a permanent fixture.


Via the awesome Nerdcore

Inside a Sex Toy Factory

15 Feb

Somewhat surprisingly Reuters has the answers for all those wondering how sex toys are made. I am living the nipple machine (via Nerdcore).

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Explosion Photography

25 Jan

This incredible explosion photography from Alan Sailer leaves me slightly lost for words…









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