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Plane Crash Photography

27 Apr

Check out these stunning plane crash pictures from German photographer Dietmar Eckell. The concept for his ‘Happy Endings’ project was to visit plane crash sites – where all passengers survived – and photograph the planes that  years on still remain. Eckell is crowd funding via Indiegogo to raise money to self-publish a photo-book. With images such as this it’s not a suprise he has already raised twice the amount he needed (via Shortlist).

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Maurizio Cattelan – Macabre Taxidermy

24 Apr

Wow the work of artist Maurizio Cattelan is so macabre – I absolutely adore it. Her portfolio is a dream mix of taxidermy, sculpture and photography.


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A Bouquet of Fuck-Me-Nots (SFW)

17 Apr

A Bouquet of Fuck–me–nots – best music design award ever. For The Manifest (Swedish Independent Music Awards) prize, designed by Max Magnus Norman who comments on his blog:

The prize symbolizes the kick ass- and fuck off mentality which is necessary in order to succeed as an independent artist. An intimation that one has to override rules and borders in order to create new paths.



manifeststatyetten-2 manifeststatyetter


Giant AT-AT Cat ‘Fort’

16 Apr

If I built my cats an amazing bed like this I am 99.9% sure they would ignore it, yes even if it had a mini bar in it. Which brings onto this amazing AT-AT Cat ‘Fort’ which not only contains a mini bar but some hunting trophies too. Read more at Geekologie.


at-at-catfort-1 at-at-catfort-2 at-at-catfort-3 at-at-catfort-4 at-at-catfort-5 at-at-catfort-6

I didn’t dress like this to go unnoticed…

16 Apr

Now that is an entrance – plus I think the last costume is one of my all time favourites!

tumblr_lg2onyxDVB1qeu7vso1_400 tumblr_llalrfpHdZ1qabj53o1_400 tumblr_lg2ow9QkL11qeu7vso1_400 tumblr_ldhhki8GgW1qafjwno1_400

Animated Last Supper – Giles Walker

15 Apr


Screen shot 2012-03-22 at 13.33.31

Giles Walker’s Last Supper piece is absolutely utterly amazing – a fully animated sculpture consisting of thirteen mechanical figures who interact around a table.

His artists statement:

Just as I respect the law that allows people to practice whatever religion they chose..they have to respect the law that allows me to question it… Is a religious doctrine that assumes guilt, and threatens violence and pain as a just punishment  a good education for a young child and should it be so readily embraced….or is this an education that leaves invisible mental scars that continue way into adult life? Why is the moral authority assumed by the religious so often considered above that of the non-religious in society?  Are the ethics of a doctrine written in the dark ages really to be held with such high regard? Just as the law gives the right to practice religion, the law must allow the right to have freedom from it as well. Is this freedom, and the right to debate issues without make believe and hysteria, being eroded?


Screen shot 2012-03-22 at 13.34.50 Black-Rat-202-ecopy Black-Rat-085-ecopy


I also made this video of his pole dancing robots years ago now – it’s also his fault I got together with the worst boyfriend I ever had (in fact worst anyone could ever had) but I wont hold that against him when his work is this inspiring.


Limited edition – Dalston Fried Chicken

29 Nov

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