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Chocolate Museum Fossils & Incredible Edible Art

6 Jun

1.T Rex teeth.chocolate

So excited to be blogging again (!!!) and what better way to start than by sharing the work of  an incredible food artist and fine artist Sarah Hardy. If I tell you she gained her skills in in wax-work museums, and as a internationally recognised fine artist, you can guess the quality of the edible fossil pieces Essex based Sarah accurately reproduces in the finest dark, milk & white Belgium Chocolate.


1.Fossil Collectors Box-chocolate

1.Sarah making chocs

These incredible museum quality edible fossils are created with intricate casting and hand-painted detail – creating ultimate collectors items not novelty chocolate. With the largest fossil – the Megalodon Tooth – weighing in at 120g and a whopping 14cm long. 2 hours are spent hand finishing each one to the finest detail with a 11cm long T Rex Tooth and collectors box of 16 separate fossils also in the collection.

1.Fossil Production
1.Fossil Collectors Box-chocolate


IT GETS EVEN BETTER…  Sarah has even created edible decapitated human heads from cake for international film companies and even a raw turkey cake which went on to be an online viral hit, food artist. Now she (& I) are dreaming of the day she gets to create a life sized T Rex Skull in chocolate.

A gallery of some more of her work is below – remember that all of the below are cakes or in the case of the anatomical heart chocolate…

pheasant landscape1
maggot therapy
Conch Cake - Tate & Lyle
Raw Turkey Cake 1
severed head
1.Heart with scalpel -chocolate
A.portrait with pheasant

Centaur Skeleton

17 Apr

I am obbssed – determined to find a sponsor so we the Eat Your Heart Out gang can create a life sized replica of this skeleon in chocolate bones.


Fully Articulated Solid Gold Skeleton

13 Apr

So if you have a spare $150,000 – $250,000 lying about then this Sotheby’s auction listing might be for you. This is only 11cm long but already day dreaming about a life-sized solid gold one…

Fully articulated human skeleton in a velvet-lined coffin chased around on each side with three panels showing the course of life, one end with attributes of the arts, the other with attributes of war, the removable cover with the journey in the footsteps of the Angel of Death, surrounded by the faces of infants alternately laughing and crying.





via Nerdcore

Bird Skeleton Cardigan

11 Dec

Knitted bird skeletons (!), and lace (!), in black (!) is almost too much for me to take, and as a bonus this to die for cardigan is affordable too. On sale at Dolls Kill which is a site I love despite the fact I am probably far too old for most of their clothes but sod it.

Screen shot 2012-12-11 at 21.46.09

Screen shot 2012-12-11 at 21.49.05

Too Fast Bird Skeleton Lace Front Cardigan is lace in the front with a party in back. Fool everyone into thinking you’re a fancy chick with the lace front, and then freak them out with the back. Bird skeletons and skulls hanging out on the back for an extra freaky detail. So rad. Cropped fit with buttons down the front. Ruffled bottom trim. Throw this on with a bodycon dress and finish the look with stacked rosary necklaces.

Testicles on a Plate

20 Oct

So proud of my friend Emily Evans in producing this range of Histology plates.

Histology Cake Plates – Clockwise form centre: Testicle, Thyroid, Kidney, Bowel,

In case you were wondering what Histology is:

The study of the microscopic anatomy of cells and tissues. Tissue sections are stained and examined under a microscope.

Michelle Spear, Clinical Anatomist at Cambridge University, (originally a Histologist) provided the original images for these plates to Emily, preparing slides of various human tissues which she then stained and scanned in for the project.

The plates are 19” bone china cake plates, available in 8 different human tissue designs.

Histology Cake Plates

Histology source of plate shown on rear

EYHO 2012 – Official Photography

8 Oct

The EYHO 2012 images from Nathan Pask are ready, hope you like them?! Nathan’s strong and unique approach to food photography – he comes from a mainly fashion photography background – have always been a major part of the EYHO brand success which is why I am delighted we managed to get these shots despite lack of a sponsor. HUGE thanks for the whole team in believing in my strange vision and helping me make this possible.

Photographer: Nathan Pask
Photo assistants: Andras Bartok, George Newton
Wardrobe Stylist: Katie Antoniou
Stylist assistant: Lucy Nicholls
Make-up Artist: Emma Alexandra Watts
Hair Stylist: Holly Rudge
Models: Miss Cakehead, Emily Evans, Carla Valentine
With thanks to Steph at SNAP Studios.

Body by Simon Preen, leggings from Black Milk, wig from Annabel’s Wigs

Skull by Two Little Cats Bakery

Hooded top by Rachel Freire, swim suit from Black Milk, brain from Conjurer’s Kitchen

Hooded top by Rachel Freire, marshmallow brain from Conjurer’s Kitchen

Clothes from Rachel Freire, hat by George Jenkins

Body by Simon Preen, leggings from Black Milk, hair from Annabel’s Wigs

Anatomical Macarons – MUST SEE!

22 Aug

Anatomical Macarons – MUST SEE!.

EYHO is set to be a corker this year make sure you head over and check it out! For starters how amazing are these anatomical macarons!

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