Derelict Love Hotels

12 Apr

OK I admit it – I missing being an active blogger so Cakehead Loves Evil is back if that is OK with everyone? Oh I will also be sharing a lot via the Miss Cakehead Facebook page. In brief I realized the other day that with over 5 million views I must have been doing something right with this blogging lark so I should really carry on. Hope this makes you happy, I am actually rather excited.

As some of you may remember I am openly obsessed with the creative randomness of Japanese Love Hotels ever since reading this book. I should add for clarity not the sex side but the what the hell was the designer thinking, and how the hell do you get off on that wondering side.

With a whopping 500 million visits a year, love hotels – establishments that offer couples a private, short-stay location in which they can indulge in the pleasures of the flesh – are a booming business in Japan. Indeed, it’s been estimated that 1.4 million Japanese people, or 2% of the country’s population, visit a love hotel each day.

Having been fascinated with them for years – and it being hard to find out as much as I would like to know online – there has not been much fresh content to blog on a Love Hotel theme for a year or so now (for the record Gang Snowman is still my favorite). But that has changed with the discovery of a rich seam of abandoned love hotel images online – still not as scary as the derelict Mr Blobby Land photography though. Nothing will ever be that scary.














One Response to “Derelict Love Hotels”

  1. Waldo April 17, 2013 at 1:30 pm #

    I knew you’d crack. Welcome back.

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