17 Nov

A post on the creative strategy and execution behind one of my major work projects this year – I LOVED THIS PROJECT!

Emma Thomas (Miss Cakehead)

UPDATE & WHOOP! Voted one of the top 5 PR stunts of 2012 alongside such company as Red Bull Stratos. Thanks to @copyranter for the inclusion.

I wanted to write in a little more detail about the Resident Evil 6 creative activity which led up to the launch of Wesker & Son on the 26th September.  This includes a press pack that horrified everyone, got one phone call from a legal team and made one person sick. Whilst this could have been a PR disaster it was exactly on brief  (well maybe not the solicitor bit) which was to provoke reaction and create something people will never forget. You can see my post on Wesker & Son which all the activity was leading towards here.

The overall strategy for the Resident Evil 6, developed with both Adam Merrett at Capcom was to not reveal the link between Wesker &…

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