Faking Murder Scenes – Part 1

28 Sep

Adam Merrett having his ‘6’ bullet hole applied

As part of the Resident Evil 6 launch project, and leading up to the @weskerson opening,  I was recently part of a team who shot a series of murder scenes outside key London media houses in the middle of the night (it was ruddy freezing). These ‘crime scene’ images were then sent to press based in those locations along with an autopsy report which detailed the injuries shown on the bodies in a scientifically valid way, each ‘death’ being a way you could die during RE6 game play. For example I had drag and bite marks, the autopsy report stating I died from blunt force trauma injuries consistent with being dragged along the floor & thrown against a hard surface. Basically I was killed by a Zombie. Using ‘Cakehead Towers’ as a base it was a great, if utterly random, working day and my attention seeking cat was in absolute heaven (see feline photo bomb below). Oh and one final detail is that to freak the press out just a little bit more we ensured all the ‘bodies’ belonged to part of the team they would come face to face with at some point (with the exception of Jade Rand from Amputees in Action). I wanted to create an uneasy feeling as they tried to picture where they had seen us before. In reflection I need not have worried as they were freaked out enough but more of that in a later post.

Here’s the promised behind the scenes imagery…

Emma Watts & Sam Bull were the make up team & did a great job

Photobomb from my cat Fish

Carla having her throat slashed

Organised chaos

Oh dear this is a bit too ‘Hello Boys’

Jade in make up

Dan forgot to bring spare clothes, as he was as a burn victim the only option was to burn his JW shirt in the back garden.

The following week the PR team from Full Fat placed a series of ‘murder’ scene boards in front of the same offices and we started to reel the press in…

Next RE6 post will feature the final murder scene images and autopsy reports. If you can’t wait that long then fret not as you can head on over to No Hope Left.

As soon as the film of the day is ready I will also share here of course.

The Team:

Creative Director – @miss_cakehead

Head of PR – Dan Walsh, Full Fat @rockboywalsh / @wearefullfat

Photographer – Nathan Pask @nathanpask

Make Up – Samantha Bull & Emma Watts

Scientific advisor – Carla Connolly of QMCL @theteasemaid

Anatomically correct police (as we called Emily) – @anatomyuk

Capcom UK – @adam_merrett

Filming – Jason Lord

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