Magic Mushroom House

31 Jul

Oh man sharing stories like this TO DIE FOR for 1970’s ‘Magic Mushroom’ House make me so pleased I have time to get blogging again (just about). Built over several years beginning in 1973, and found in Aspen, Colorado. Rumour has it that this homes nickname stems from the hallucinogens so popular in that era. Disappointingly, the house’s architect, builder and first resident, Andre Ulrych, said he took his design cues from a nautilus shell. He could have taken them from a cats litter tray for all I care as I LOVE this house.

The décor includes rustic wood, moss rock and spider plants in macramé hangers (trying to get some at the moment but they are being annoyingly hard to fine if anyone knows a source in London). At the house’s very center is a round, sunken living area that the current owners refer to as the “love pit.”

I am going to carry on drooling over the pictures now if you can to read more them go to the New York Times.

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