Paszport – Euro 2012 Fanzine

8 Jun

Wanted to share the news of this really cool Euro 2012 project from Mother London. The agency has teamed up with their friends at Rig Out to work on a project called Paszport! (passport in Polish) for this year’s Euros.



The fanzine celebrates the gamut of emotions of being a football fan, and the dedication required to be a supporter of the game. Features cast a sometimes satirical eye over football, covering everything from how bad our pundits are to the changes in European football travel over the past few decades. Key features include a piece by Phil Thornton (author of ‘Casuals; football, fighting and fashion’) on “Why I Hate Flags”, and a piece  by Jonathan Wilson (sports journalist and author of Inverting the Pyramid) about Jimmy Hogan, the largely forgotten footballer and coach who is considered the father of modern European football.


The magazine is launching officially on 11 June, and it’s the one think that just might interest me in Euro 2012. You can read more at Hypebeast.

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