Employment opportunity with Brave New Ventures

17 May

So I got some tweets and then an email from Brave New Ventures with some confusing information on – hoping some of my geekier / clever readers can help figure it out for me. Anyone got any ideas / clues / suggestions? The video above tells me it’s something to do with Secret Cinema and erm that’s all I know… never ever been able to work out their clues.


Dear Miss Cakehead,

We are contacting you to inform you that you have been identified as an ideal candidate for a role within Brave New Ventures.

Firstly, congratulations. Our identification process relies on a number of behavioural and suitability metrics. To have reached this stage is testament to your strength of character, adaptability and ability to communicate. Very few candidates reach this stage.

The role for which we have contacted you is one of utmost importance to the continued operation of Brave New Ventures. As Chief Information Officer, your task will be to promote and assist in our current recruitment drive. Our maiden voyage is of utmost importance not only to our investors, but also to humanity. It is imperative, therefore, that we find the right candidates for each position. Your role as Chief Information Officer will be vital in helping us to source these candidates.

In order to carry out your role, we will require you to spread the word about our recruitment drive to all avenues available to you, be they fora, social networks or other online communities. We will, of course, require evidence of your work via regular reports. Failure to report will be considered failure to perform. Failure to perform will not be tolerated.

Consider that you are acting on behalf of Brave New Ventures, and that this position of power requires at all times the utmost discretion and decorum. We will be watching.

Should you need any further information on how to carry out your duties, respond to this message.

If you need to refer to an online resource, please use:

SECRET CINEMA https://www.facebook.com/pages/Secret-Cinema/46896241052

BRAVE NEW VENTURES CORPORATE HUB http://www.bravenewventures.org/

BRAVE NEW VENTURES TWITTER https://twitter.com/#!/Bravenewventure


Good luck, Chief Information Officer. We will communicate again soon.

Victoria Hale,

Brave New Ventures

One Response to “Employment opportunity with Brave New Ventures”

  1. Hamlet Hamster June 30, 2012 at 5:16 am #

    Obviously, just to use an old commercial claim: The best nuts still come from california.

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