Pheromone Speed Dating

21 Apr

See it IS possible to put a new spin on speed dating – a case study  which simply has to be included in some of the creativity training sessions I run (entitled thinking strangely).  Let me present you with Pheromone Party…


Just to clarify this is not something I would ever do but from a creative point of view I love it. Such a shame @mylifeyourhands has finished his Guardian column or we could have made him be our tester!



I’ll let Gizmodo explain the concept in a little more detail as I remain a little baffled:

These events pair people based on the scientific idea that we all create our own unique perfume, or pheromones, to attract mates. It works for insects, cats, and other creatures, so why wouldn’t it work for humans? For $30, Pheromone Parties will help you find your next date, or perhaps the love of your life by smelling their stale, sweaty clothes. Which isn’t that creepy, except for all of it.

To prepare for the natural scent shindig, you sleep in the same clean, white, cotton t-shirt for three nights in a row to bottle, or in this case bag, your own “odor print.” You bring the stank shirt to the fête in a ziplock, which is given a number, with bags marked blue for boys and pink for girls.

Throughout the bash, you’re invited to smell the shirts as you wish. Once you find the one that really gets you going, a photographer takes your picture with the bag of your choosing. The images are shown on a running slideshow, and if you see someone holding your number, then you’ve found your musk match. Speed dating for aspiring armpit fetishists: coming soon to a city near you!

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