Dollfie Dreams

11 Mar

I can’t pin point the reasons why but I have to admit I am pretty obsessed with the concept of Dollfie. For those new to the concept it is a brand of vinyl doll, “a highly-poseable hybrid of fashion doll and action figure”, which come blank allowing it’s new ‘parent’ to create a totally unique personality in the form of a doll by either using off the shelf products of specialist artists… When buying a Dollfie you can even purchase a range of wigs or eyes from the website. Like many of the best things in life beautiful but creepy.

2 Responses to “Dollfie Dreams”

  1. Apple March 14, 2012 at 9:44 am #

    My bf directed me to your post as he knew I like dolls.
    Just letting you know, a few of the pictures you posted are resin dolls, and they are normally referred to as SDs, super dollfies (yes, the name did derive from the Volks dolls). Both Dollfie and Super Dollfie are registered names for specific Volks dolls. Some of the Dollfie photos you posted are Dollfie Dreams dolls, which are larger versions of Dollfies. The less anime looking doll photos you posted are from other dolls companies, so they are classified as SD and one may be a Mini SD which is an encompassing name for resin ball-jointed dolls not necessarily from Volks. I think the first photo of the one in the hood and the one wearing glasses are from korean doll companies, and i am uncertain of the nude one sitting in the chair, she maybe from a chinese company. They are all as customizable as you say. I’m sorry I was rather pedantic.


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