Crab Bra

5 Jan

Laura Ann Jacobs is an artist who specializes in bra and corset sculptures using seashells, porcelain, glass and even animal byproducts such as snakeskin in her work. Unquestionably the stand out piece is the crab bra, all of which are sold out in case you are tempted.

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Burn your bra. The phrase doesn’t get much voice anymore, as the advancement of feminism is countered by today’s ever-present porn industry and freaky surgery makeovers. The surreal circus-like atmosphere in which we live, make the bras of Laura Jacobs no less startling. Incorporating everything from crab claws and fish heads to antique glass and mother of pearl, their wall-borne, gravity-defying flight gives voice to the shapes that lie behind, concealed like soft pills of great potency…

We are here, you want to look at us. Breasts are symbols of — and vehicles for — power.. Like the twinned temples of Angkor Wat or any ancient shrine, Jacobs has made temples to befit them, define them and sometimes hold them, in ridicule.

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