Japania & a sushi stapler

2 Jan

People are ALWAYS asking me where I get ideas & some of the strange yet brilliant objects I seem to have around me. See below for the first online store round up of 2012 – Japania being the first review / CLE picks with more to come over the following weeks. If you have / visit an online store you think deserves a mention then I would love to hear about it too!

Sushi Staplers come in three different varieties to choose from; Salmon (A), Shrimp (B) and Tuna (C). They are 3" long and use #10 staples, first set included. Each looks like a real piece of nigiri sushi!

Choose from Sushi; Taco; Cookie; Pizza; Hot Dog & Potato Chips. Store your belongings in these yummy shaped pockets! Zipper pouch fits small accessories such as phones; pens; lip gloss; money & credit cards.


Luke Chueh x Hello Kitty Print, Limited Edition of 35, measures 11" x 14", signed and numbered by the artist. Official Print from the Sanrio Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Exhibition.



Waiting for the impending apocalypse and want to stock up to counter the zombie attacks? Well you're in luck, here's the next best tool in Michelle Valigura's CONCEALED WEAPON series. Gary Grenade - exploding for good!



Flaunt you kitty love! Adjustable ring base to fit a variety of sizes.




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