Ball of Cards

30 Dec

Great find over at Notcot – apparently this is easy and you can make your own.

Thirty cards are required, and each is slotted as in the template below. To build your own, simply copy this pattern onto thirty cards, cut on the red lines, and assemble as in the image.

Notice how sets of five cards meet at their short edges form six different prism-like “equators.” The construction approximates the uniform compound of six pentagonal prisms, but with rectangular sides instead of squares.

Not really I just see white maths noise… Let’s also note the use of the word ‘simply’. As much as I would love to be able to create one of these it will be a cold day in hell first. Despite expert tutorials from Nevie Pie attempting to construct a basic peace crane has reduced me to tears, and looking at this just makes my head hurt.

Please can some maths / craft genius out there make it for me? I have some vintage Playboy playing cards which would look awesome put together like this…

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