Santa Claus Blood Packs

20 Dec

I love playing around with blood bags (not with blood in don’t worry) at the best of times – and when you throw Santa Claus into the mix, as artist Lee Ki Seung has done, it gets even better! (via Nerdcore)

This is what the amazing Dezeen had to say on the matter:

Christmas often tend to be regarded with a possesion for people who are healthly, rich, and have enough. We otten neglect people who disabled, handicapped, sicked, don’t have enogh so far. Also, we are busy to enjoy our owns. Thus, I suggest a method of sharing through special blood packs. and people readily would get a pleasure and be warm as sharing thier own belonging.

“In generally, people tend to show a stiff motivation and response to donation, This phenomenon has caused passive dedication to society and human being lives. Naturally, it has weaken a bond between mankind as a I suggest new blood bag design and hope to inspire active blood donating boom or event across the world and dedicate to improve a quality of our lives. By donating warmness with pleasure, People would feel being a “Santa-claus” alike . Also, the socks shape welfare and sharing love.”

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