Ad Fab High Tea

15 Dec

Looking at Nevie Pie’s edible ashtray (of our Kerrang! Awards fame) and feeling massively inspired for an Ad Fab high tea – let’s face it Patsy would love it…

Hmmm so what else to include…
Logo lollipops


OTT Cupcakes like these from C&D

Cocaine Cake as given to Lindsey Lohan

Drugs cupcakes

Remember when Edwina had a pet dolphin?..

Cupcake in a martini glass

Fairy bread reminds me of Bubbles


Camera cookie from Cookie Boy

One Response to “Ad Fab High Tea”


  1. Ad Fab preview – a new disease called The Kardashians « Cakehead Loves Evil - December 21, 2011

    […] I have always loved Ad Fab and I am so excited about the Christmas special. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of watching Bubble trying to figure out how to use a iPad. I also can’t shake off the hankering to do an Ad Fab high tea. […]

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