The Mince Pie Project

14 Dec

OK as a rule I hate repetition, and know I have tweeted about this project a fair bit, but The Mince Pie Project is for a good cause I can’t believe I have not read about it more (flakey PR pastry?!), especially online. Anyway it is for a really good cause so DO get involved. Massive festive hat tip to Pete Butler who came up with the really good idea and is apparently launching something exciting to do with food in 2012.

Ashley Palmer-Watts (Dinner at Heston / Fat Duck) is currently leading with Greg Wallace at the bottom.


Fancy getting your mince pies cooked by a Michelin starred chef this Christmas? Well now you can do just that, and raise money for two great causes.

The Mince Pie Project has lined up 36 of the UK’s best chefs to each cook an exclusive batch of 50 mince pies. Each batch will be auctioned off, online, with every penny raised divided equally between Action Against Hunger and The Jamie Oliver Foundation.

Many of the chefs have their own unique take on the humble mince pie. From Nigel Haworth’s melt-in-your-mouth Swiss pastry, to Ashley Palmer-Watts deep-fried version.

The auction opens at 9am on Friday 9th December, and closes at 6pm on Friday 16th December. All the action can be followed by going to ‘The Auction’ tab, where you place your bid.

Each batch of 50 mince pies will be cooked fresh and same-day couriered directly to the winning bidder by City Sprint , on the 22nd of December.

The project was conceived just 6 weeks ago by 23yr old Pete Butler. Having recently left his job in the City, the idea randomly came to him during a particularly boring session in the gym. He’s currently working on an exciting food project, launching early 2012.

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