Spot The Bull cake

11 Dec

You’ve already seen the Skype cakes so now time for my favourite cake of all from the Poke 10 project – Spot the Bull, inspired by the website of the same name. All baking from Nevie-Pie who says I wasn’t “too bossy”.



An entire table was covered in cake with grid letters placed around the edge, much as you would expect from a spot the ball page in a newspaper (delicious rum soaked chocolate cake with crushed oreo cookie dirt and green iced grass). Three toy bulls were hidden in the cake with the lucky party goers getting a bull in their slice winning one of three prizes (bull horns, fake flies or cow pat chocolates).



On top of the amazing cake were some incredibly realistic cookie mushrooms (with popping candy hidden inside), a cow pat (my idea) and a very cute rabbit cookie (Natasha’s idea). When NP wasn’t looking I then also added some fake flies to the cowpat cookie and mushroom. Finally the cake was cut into grids so the square of cake to be eaten could be chosen specifically, and guests did not have to eat the next slice in so to speak.


picture credit The Flippers -



picture credit The Flippers -


NOOOOOOOOO!!! (picture credit



Picture credit -





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