Skyping Cakes

8 Dec

Sneak peak of some of the other cakes from this project up on the Facebook page, and if you want to find out more about my cake projects head here.

Nevie Pie & I were very excited to be asked to work with Poke on a series of dessert tables / cakes to celebrate their 10th birthday, each of which had to relate to a website they had built over the last 10 years. On a personal level few things have made me as happy this year that this awesome company trusted my creativity skills for their 10th Birthday (yes Nevie Pie also made the cake below).



I am going to post all of these cakes and dessert tables over the next week, but thought I should start with the one that appears to be everyone’s favorite so far… …the TWO Skype cakes.

Set at either end of the room, each on it’s own desk, they were of course ‘Skyping each’ other live. Well it’s Poke’s party so their had to be some extra added ‘geek’ in the baking. Stunning work from Nevie Pie on the actual cake creation as ALWAYS.


Pic via The Flippers - thanks boys



Pic via The Flippers - thanks boys




via @hollypop88


Picture via @unlikelylad



Up next Spot The Bull…

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