Engagement Shoots

27 Nov

I am such a romantic at heart (which is why I find the fact I repel all men like oil & water massively depressing but let’s not go there AGAIN) and adore the idea of engagement shoots, which is essentially a set of photographs taken a few weeks before the big day. I have previously posted about the Zombie Attack photo shoot which was clearly incredible but that’s the tip of the iceberg.  Here is a top 10 summary from the Rock and Roll brides blog which is A M A Z I N G.

First up a fast food themed engagement shoot:






Tommy & Katie’s Bunny Engagement – extra marks for the massively parent annoying cigarette.




Dances with Wolves – I would so go for something like as this it means my face is hidden!!!






South Bank Graffiti – Charlie Chaplin an inspired touch






Allotment Shoot



















Retro Dog




OK Go Video (the wallpaper one)



*here ends all romantic cutesy content on this blog*

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