Wax Syphilis

14 Nov

Wax Syphilis

I would love to get to visit the Museum of Anatomical Wax but I guess, for now, I will just have to blog about it… Some background:

With cadavers difficult to acquire and preserve, wax models became important to students and practitioners of anatomy. They aimed to reproduce the human body in a form as complete and true to nature as possible. A mixture of wax from bees and other insects was used to make realistic models which were also fully pliable. Parts of the model could often be taken out to allow students to look inside, or manipulate individual parts. In some ways they were superior to real bodies as an educational tool, because specific structures or systems of the body could be highlighted (and, of course, unlike cadavers, they did not decompose).

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One Response to “Wax Syphilis”

  1. chris zombieking November 20, 2011 at 5:33 pm #

    some of these sculptures [or casts?] are just beautiful

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