Edwin Crepuscule-Flenk

30 Oct

The wonderful Felt Mistress has sent me some information on a Halloween group show she is part of… …artists had to produce a character and provide a story of why he was hanging around *”the sneaky grave and crypt”.


100% of the sale of Edwin is going to the chosen charity Macmillan Nurses – and he really is such a dude. His story is:

Artist, poet, novelist and “nocturnal romantic”. Edwin’s band, The Decadent Prosimians, split acrimoniously after differences arising over styling mousse in 2005. Since the split Edwin has concentrated on his literary career and can often be found in his local graveyard communing with restless spirits and the old lady who walks her Yorkshire terrier past his favourite bench every morning. He enjoys necromancy, scrabble and tinned aubergines intended for the harvest festival.

The show is curated by Sneaky Racoon who are turning 5 and commemorating the occasion by holding a group show that celebrates the friends made along the way. Tales From The Sneaky Crypt will feature the immense talents of artists: TADO, Jamfactory, A Little Stranger, Cavey, Lunartik, Emily Bee, Felt Mistress, Waste, Map Map, Loulou & Tummie, Lunabee, Cris Rose, Triclops Studio, Jon Paul Kaiser, MEGAMUNDEN, Phil Corbett, Okkle, Anabelle Nielsen, Mimic, Tesselate, Steve Fable, Poked Studio, Clark Rotharmel, Podgy Panda, Creature Kebab, Rhys Brown, Jenn & Tony Bot, Dolly Oblong, Planet Domu, Fadeworks and Sneaky Raccoon.


The spooky show will run for four days (Fri 28th -Mon 31st) at Kidrobot London, and you can buy online at the Toys in the Sneaky Crypt Store. 10% – 100% of toy sales (the artists can chose the %) and money raised will be donated to McMillian Cancer Support, so pop along and help raise money for a wonderful cause.

*not massively understanding why the organisers have decided to link graves and MacMillian Cancer Support so maybe someone could explain. Is it just an overused Halloween concept cliche?

One Response to “Edwin Crepuscule-Flenk”

  1. Just a fan October 31, 2011 at 10:43 am #

    The correct adress for the Feltmistress’ homepage is http://www.feltmistress.com 😉

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